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What you need to know
What is Public Liability Insurance?
How much does Public Liability Insurance Cost?
What Occupations does Public Liability Insurance Cover?
Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is there to protect you against claims of damages to a member of the public or their property as a result of your business or a product you supplied. It can also help with additional costs, such as legal or medical expenses.


There are a number if factors that decide the premiums for Public Liability Insurance such as:

  • The type of work
  • Sales turnover
  • Number of employees
  • Whether you work away from your premises
  • Previous claims history
  • What level of cover is required

Depending this will depend on the cost of your public liability insurance as well as the the amount that’s covered, normally though, cover starts off at £1 million.

It can cover anyone, but is designed to help cover costs for those that work or interact with the public on a regular basis, professions such as plumbers, cleaners, electricians shop owners, restaurants to name a few. It ensures they’re protected if someone from the public were to be injured or have their property damaged.

If for example, you own a restaurant and someone were to slip and injure themselves on a wet floor, you would be liable.

Or if you’re a plumber and while repairing a boiler, there’s water damage to part of their house, you would be liable.

The compensation claims can have a big impact on your business, especially if you’re a sole trader or an SMB. Public liability cover, is there to protect you in case something happens.