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What you need to know
Business use Class 1 Insurance
Business use Class 2 Insurance
Business use Class 3 Insurance
Commercial insurance

Permits you to drive to multiple offices/sites and could include cover for your spouse for related business driving

Permits you to drive to multiple places of work and could include cover for your spouse or an additional named driver, for related business use

In addition to the usage in Class 1 and Class 2, cover includes the sale and delivery of light goods (door to door sales, florist deliveries etc)

You will need to take into account, and disclose, whether you will be using your vehicle for business uses including; driving to another site/office, doing the post or bank run for the business, driving to meetings offsite or attending a training course or ‘team day’.

For vehicles used for commercial purposes, including taxis and courier/delivery vehicles, you will require commercial insurance, however, the definition can vary from insurer to insurer, so it is particularly important to check your policy wording.  Whether your vehicle is a car or a van will also affect your insurance premium.  

1st Choice Insurance can also offer you great deals on commercial van, taxi, courier and haulage insurance. (links)  

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