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What you need to know
Can my classic car insurance restrict mileage?
I rarely drive my clasic car, do I really need insurance?
What kind of security do I need for my classic car?
Can the value of my classic car change the premiums?
What if I'm a member of a classic car club?

Some classic car insurers can place annual mileage restrictions on the assumption that the vehicle is only used for a few weeks a year.  Therefore, it is important to declare to us whether your classic car is used on the daily basis (e.g. commuting), to ensure that you are not restricted with a mileage allowance.


Whether you only use your classic car for holiday or the occasional jaunts, you will still require insurance cover all year round, unless you complete a Statutory Off Road Notice.  However, it may be possible to obtain ‘laid up cover’ for your vehicle, which could help reduce your costs.


With the increase in ‘steal to order’ thefts, classic cars need to have adequate security in place.  An alarm or tracker type security device is a consideration and may also have the benefit of lowering insurance premiums.  Ensuring your vehicle is kept in a garage or secure building overnight is also an option.


Establishing the true value of a classic car can be tricky!  If it’s an older vehicle and parts are rare and/or expensive, the cost of repair or replacing with good quality parts can be extremely high.  All modifications, including alternative replacement parts (where original parts were not available), should be disclosed.  When advising us of the value of your vehicle, it is worth considering obtaining an agree valuation, rather than relying on unpredictable market price.

You may be a member of a Classic Car Club, which suggests insurance companies who can offer a discount if you insure through the club.  However, although they may seem ideal for your classic car insurance, it is always worth getting a broker like 1st Choice Insurance to check the market, as well as carefully checking the cover available.