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What you need to know
If I haven’t made a claim, why has my premium gone up?
Why is motor insurance for young drivers so expensive compared to other drivers?
Why is my premium more than the value of my vehicle?
So, do high premiums tempt young drivers to drive uninsured?

Simply, because the cost of meeting claims has gone up very significantly.  The increase of the compensation culture and the cost of legal claims.  The ABI estimates that 10% of every motor insurance premium is going to the legal profession.  Insurance fraud and uninsured driving are also growing problems.

Because when calculating premiums, insurance companies have to consider that the cost of any type of insurance has to reflect the risk. Therefore, the greater the risk of a claim being made, the higher the premium will be.  Evidence and statistics show that unfortunately, young drivers are far more at risk on our roads and are twice as likely to make an insurance claim as other drivers (with their claim costs being an average of three times higher than other drivers).

When a claim is made, it is not simply the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle that the insurer has to consider.  The greatest cost is the compensation to other parties involved who have suffered injuries – whether short term or life changing – or damage to property where the other policyholder was not at fault.

There is no excuse for driving without insurance – and it is illegal not to have valid motor insurance in the UK.  

If you are convicted for driving without insurance it will make any future applications for motor and all types of insurance difficult to obtain and more expensive. It will also affect your credit rating, make it more difficult to borrow money or obtain a mortgage.