3 Reasons Why A Policy Isn’t ‘Just’ A Policy

We take calls every day from all kinds of people will all kinds of insurance needs. At 1st Choice Insurance, we always start out by trying to understand the unique needs of each client. Who are they? What experience do they have? How do they run their business? We do this because we believe the correct level of cover can only be obtained by understanding each client’s unique needs.

So, we always find it confusing when people say, “I just need a Courier policy”. What is ‘just’ a Courier policy? Policies should never just come off the shelf! Each customer, even each Courier customer, for example, will have very different needs. Different policies or insurance underwriters could be decided based on the client’s age, their location, the goods they transport, their vehicles and many other factors. This blog outlines the 3 main reasons why an insurance policy is not just an insurance policy.

Reason 1 – Your policy should be bespoke!

We touched on this above. Unless the unique needs of your business are put at the heart of your insurance policy it’s difficult for a policy to provide you with the correct level of protection. For example, an off the shelf courier policy might cover you for the carriage of goods of up to £10,000, which wouldn’t be much use if you deliver artwork or antiquities.

At 1st Choice Insurance, our team starts by listening to your needs and then building a bespoke package. This ensures our clients have complete peace of mind that they are protected, which is why 94% of our customers recommend us and many renew year after year.

Reason 2 – Not all insurance brokers work the same way!

Not all insurance brokers in the UK have access to the same markets or have the same schemes, deals or relationships with insurance underwriters. As a result, the offering between different brokers can vary hugely in terms of coverage options, and price. Let’s not forget customer service, too!

At 1st Choice Insurance, we have access to more than 40 insurance companies in the UK. We always do a full market exercise, which means we will compare 40+ policies to find the best cover for your needs. We also have a great relationship with our markets, so we can often access some of the most competitive cover options in the UK.

Reason 3 – Not all sales agents have the same training

This touches on customer service. We have employed people from many different insurance and finance companies, and they are always pleasantly surprised at the effort we go to develop great customer agent skills. Which makes us feel great! We have great experience in our team, with over 125 years of combined insurance experience! This mixture of on-going support, coaching, training and experience, mixed with our ‘can do’ ethos makes means we are able to deliver a premium service with our already competitive offering.

Can we help you with your insurance needs?

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