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Motor trade is a competitive game. As more and more people set up as a motor trader each day, competition has grown. Competition has now also grown as more people look online to find garages and compare quotes. Also, let’s face it, large national garages advertising on TV and in magazines has done no favours for the small, independent and local garage. It’s more critical than ever for motor traders to find new ways to compete, gain and keep customers.

But do not fear! There are still many ways that smaller garages and motor traders can compete and grow their business locally. We talk to motor traders every day, and so we have a good idea about how people market their business, and how they can improve. This blog will outline 3 simple ways businesses can gain new customers, without needing to learn new skills.

  1. Write blogs

This might seem like it has no value. But if you’re a motor trader with expertise, then you should talk about it. Demonstrate you are a professional. It can also help you get found online. Think of a list of keywords you would like your customers to search on Google to find you. It might be ‘car repair garage in Oxford’. If you use these words in your blogs, it’s more likely people will be able to find you online when searching for your type of business.

  1. Use social media

It’s easy to use, free and everyone locally will be using platforms such as Facebook. Think about who your target market is. Maybe they are just anyone over 20 who drives. This allows you to connect with people, or pages these people follow. Maybe start posting content about the local football team, or a nice meal you had at a local pub. Maybe you can offer tips on how to wash their car or prepare for the winter. But don’t always talk about your work, find a way to stand out, be funny and get noticed.

  1. Improve your website

The easiest way to do this is to look at one of your local rivals who do well. Is it easier to get a quote on their site? Do they talk about how many years’ experience they have? Do they demonstrate their guarantees, memberships with governing bodies or relationships with  trade magazines? Create a list of ways that their website is better than yours, it could be as simple as their imagery. Once you know how your website could be improved, start to act and improve your site. Always remember a website should make people think your good at what you do and make it easy for them to contact you. Focus here first!

Use the above tips to find ways you can improve your business. Put the customer first. Assume people know nothing about you and you really need to educate them. Stand out, why should they choose you? Are you more passionate, do you offer a better service, more services, can you collect customers, or offer them a courtesy car? Find ways to do better than people around you and you will start to see more new customers picking up the phone!

Got More Insurance Needs? Get a QuoteorCall 0800 078 7004