4 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Shop Window?

freshen up your shop window

Doesn’t matter if you are a small independent business or a big retail chain. It is important to grab your target market’s attention so you can bring more customers through the door.

Here are 4 tips on how to attract your customers:

Clean up your Display

Remember the importance of first impressions!

‘You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression’  – Will Rogers

Customers would avoid outlets that have a run-down dusty display. Making sure you are on top of repairs and cleaning will give out a positive and professional first impression.

Local authorities can offer grants as an incentive to help improve high street displays.

Good Neighbour

Shops in the town centre who run independently could develop relationships within their local community. This could include a small display or even leaflets dotted around the shop for shoppers to pick up.

Little Touches

This improvement so simple but easily forgotten but designing window space in a creative and imaginative way can be vital. Not just for local opportunities but for national events in the calendar.

This could include.

  • Rainbow for Pride Events
  • Daffodil for St David’s Day
  • Heart – Valentine’s Day

Even placing props in your shop window or changing your colour scheme can draw attention to passers-by. Allowing your shop door open makes your store instantly more welcoming and will encourage more customers to see what you have to offer.


Make sure your branding and logos stand out from the crowd be bright and bold! This way your signage can be seen from a distance by oncoming traffic not just pedestrians. Give your local community a reason to pop in!