Company Brands really interest me. Is a Brand designed to differentiate a company, product or service for the purpose of competitive advantage, or does it represent the soul of the organisation? Or both?

Luxury brands command high prices. Consumers equate cost with quality. A luxury brand can be defined by identity, heritage, uniqueness, prestige. High price does not always guarantee high quality in my experience. However, I am attracted to luxury brands. I enjoy the fact that in some instances a good brand does exactly what it promises. It provides me with a great purchasing experience, great quality and the product or service makes me feel good. Buying good quality has become a passion of mine. Premium brands occupy a high position within the market based upon the faith and confidence of customers. I certainly have faith in my favourite brands.

So, what about one’s own personal brand. One of my previous bosses once coached me on this. He said that one of the most important things in business is to preserve one’s own brand. If one’s brand is genuine and absolutely reflects what one stands for then this is your unique selling point. Not everyone will see your USP as a benefit to them, however, they will know exactly what you stand for if you correctly communicate it to them.

So, what is my brand?

I think articulating what one stands for is an important element in professional sales. The old sayings of “people buy people” and “people like people who are like they are” have credence. Depending upon the target market that is being approached the “Person” factor can have more or less weight.

My brand includes

  1. I do what I say I will. If I can’t, I tell people why and what has changed
  2. You can trust me. This is so important to me
  3. I am friendly and approachable
  4. I value emotional intelligence
  5. I am loyal and open in my approach
  6. I value supportive behaviour
  7. I believe in the power of a team
  8. I like to provide fear free environments that allow people to be themselves and derive motivation from achieving their goals. Helping people develop confidence in themselves is so rewarding (to me and to them!)
  9. My glass is half full. I thrive around positive energy and positive people.
  10. I always feel great when I am achieving goals
  11. I pride myself on being a professional salesperson. I look to deliver real value from a solutions-based approach. This has been my career for over 30 years, and I am extremely proud of my track record.

This is not an attempt to “big myself up”. Although I am outgoing, I am humble and look to “Walk a mile in other people’s shoes”. Also, in my career, especially when I was in management, I was told many times that “I am too nice”, that “I am not hard enough”, that my paradigm of “being liked” means that I don’t deliver the stick enough, and I am far too “carrot” in my approach. But I would prefer to light a fire in someone rather than under them.

There’s mine, so, what’s your brand?

So, now you have an insight into my brand, I would encourage you to have a think about you stand for and how you articulate this in your work environment. Then live your brand and deliver what you stand for. Nobody is as good at being you as you!!! I encourage you to seek a career you really enjoy. If it is Sales, be proud of your chosen profession. Learn how to succeed and utilise your own brand as well as your company’s and the product or service you are offering. Don’t compromise on what you stand for and your brand will endure and will be something you cherish as you progress your career or get older like me!!

P.S – Be nice on the way up and treat people as you would like to be treated.