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Getting cheap sports car insurance quotes can be a tricky business, the 1st Choice team will use our knowledge of the insurance for sports cars market to ensure that you get the protection you require at the best price possible. We have lots of experience in arranging supercar insurance for our clients, and we can advise on the best level and type of coverage for your needs.

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We know that supercar and performance car owners can be absolutely devoted to their pride and joy. So, whether you drive an Audi R8, Porsche 911, Lamborghini Aventador or even an Aston Martin DBS, our award-winning client team is here to help. We will be able to make recommendations for the best cover options that are available to you, from both the big brands and the specialist supercar insurers. As with most insurance policies, it’s always important to thoroughly check through your supercar car insurance policy wording to verify that it is suitable for all your needs.

If you have a modified model rather than the manufacturer’s standard, then you must remember to declare these modifications to the insurer, because it can potentially affect your premium and risk if your engine’s performance has been increased. When your car has been modified, or if the engine has been remapped to achieve higher speeds more quickly, your risk of being involved in an accident is bigger than if you were on the road in a lower-performance vehicle.

Benefits of Comprehensive Insurance for Sports Cars

When looking for cheap sports car insurance quotes, comprehensive is the best protection level available. We typically suggest this cover for all sports cars and supercars, because owning a supercar also means a super high price tag that needs to be protected. It includes third party, fire & theft and covers the cost of repairing or replacing your car if it’s damaged maliciously or if it’s involved in an accident. Comprehensive supercar insurance usually includes other optional benefits such as windscreen cover, breakdown cover, foreign use cover, and even a courtesy car to use if your vehicle is in for repairs.

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Things to consider for your sports car insurance…

When taking out an insurance for sports cars policy, an often-overlooked factor to consider is whether the insurers will require you to use their nominated repair garage in the aftermath of an accident, or whether you will get to pick your favoured specialist repair centre. This seemingly little thing could well affect your warranty, depending on where your vehicle was purchased. You might also want to ensure that any parts that need to be replaced during a repair are specific to your car’s make or model and not a generic ‘off the shelf’ or remanufactured version.

Another thing you may possibly want to think about, is something called a ‘guaranteed value’ policy, as opposed to a ‘market value’ policy. It’s common for high value supercars because in the event of a total loss, this type of supercar insurance policy will pay out a pre-arranged amount that was agreed at the inception. This will probably require you to obtain a valuation certificate from an independent expert, this will be used as evidence to confirm the vehicles value for the insurers. It’s also common for insurers to ask for photographs of the vehicle (exterior, interior and engine etc.) and recommend that you keep copies of receipts from any repairs or modifications that can be used to provide evidence of your car’s value.

Establishing the true value of a supercar can be difficult! If it’s a classic or rare model and parts are difficult to source/or overly expensive, the cost of repair or replacing with good quality parts can be extremely high. All modifications, including alternative replacement parts (where original parts were not available), should be disclosed. When advising us of the value of your vehicle, it is worth considering obtaining an agreed valuation, rather than relying on unpredictable market price.

With the likes of ‘steal to order’ thefts and malicious damage ever present; all sports cars need to have ample security in place. An alarm or tracker type security device is a consideration and may also have the benefit of lowering insurance premiums. Some supercars and sports cars may already have a GPS tracker fitted as standard, but if your car doesn’t have one it’s well worth investing in one, as these devices can help the police recover your vehicle if it’s ever stolen. Ensuring your vehicle is kept in a garage or secure building overnight is also a highly recommended option.

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1st Choice Insurance offers an award-winning service and is here to help, whatever your requirements. We can offer you quick quotations, competitive prices, instant cover, and your insurance documents via email.

We believe that everyone deserves quality sports car insurance, which is why we try to offer the best value for money. Call our friendly team today on 01743 770 500 or complete our Get a Quote Form to request a call back.

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