Carrot or Stick? Too simplistic

“Leaders who want to motivate team members should focus less on simplistic carrot/stick methods and instead find ways to tie desired behaviours to the shared beliefs and goals of the team. Then make certain the behaviours are visible to everyone within the team “

I absolutely agree with the above. When people feel a sense of belonging to a group of their peers they tend to conform to the behaviour of that group, especially if that behaviour is tied to a goal or belief that’s widely shared throughout the group.

Whilst monetary incentives generate improvement in some instances, they can be short-lived. On the other hand, peer pressure techniques generate a change in team behaviuor that persists beyond the removal of the incentive.

Work To KPI’s

My approach is relatively simplistic. Work with the team to ensure everyone fully understands the task, the target, the objectives, the KPI’s. Then work on a shared plan ensuring the correct skills are aligned to the right tasks. Then review what best practice looks like. Look at what great looks like in terms of the result and HOW the result is achieved. Agree with the behaviour and culture that will ensure team members will thrive in. Agree that these behaviours will be flagged up as great work.

Then something fantastic happens. Team members begin to motivate each other and regulate each other in terms of culture and results. I have had this with teams, and it is SO rewarding as a Leader.  The team then achieves fantastic results…it’s a bit like perpetual motion. A well-oiled engine gathering momentum. Self -starting. Catching people doing things right. No need for micromanagement. Culture and strategy in harmony. Bring it on. Love it.

Action Centered Leadership

Action Centred Leadership is a great framework. Team, Task, Individual joined together by a winning culture. That why I enjoy “early doors” in my local pub. Great bunch of mates. All different but come together to enjoy common goals that are well understood, i.e. great real ale or wine; a relaxing buzz after a week of generally ups and downs. A problem shared is a problem halved.  Mates, happy to buy each other a drink to share best practice…haha.  A Seattle Fish moment…

So, this is my take on motivation. I have never been a ‘stick’ kind of person. Light a fire in people not under them.