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Fleet Insurance

As leading fleet insurance brokers, 1st Choice Insurance is here to offer a flexible, direct fleet insurance policy tailored to the needs of your business. Whatever you’re looking to get cover for, we can provide a competitive fleet insurance quote that considers the nature of your business. No matter what type of vehicles you have, you could save money long-term with fleet cover and our team can find you a suitable direct fleet insurance quote from the top fleet insurers.

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If you’re looking to compare fleet insurance quotes, 1st Choice is here to help. Call our friendly, experienced team on 01743 770 500 for any commercial insurance advice and a no obligation quote or you can use our Get a Quote form to request a call back.

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What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance provides cover for all your business vehicles under the convenience of one policy. You will need at least two vehicles to be considered for a fleet policy. You can either insure all drivers to all vehicles, or you can assign named drivers. A fleet policy has the flexibility to cover as many vehicles and vehicle types as your business operates, whether that may be a fleet of delivery vans, numerous company cars or a taxi business.

Types of insurance for fleet we offer

1st Choice Insurance is a specialist fleet insurance broker, we offer fleet quotes to suit any kind of vehicle you have in your business, and we have built long-term relationships with all the leading fleet insurers. Some of the types of businesses we can help include:

So, what are your coverage options? As with other kinds of vehicle insurance, you can choose between three different levels of fleet cover.

Third Party Only is the lowest level of cover, providing no protection for your own vehicles. But it does cover you in the event that someone else’s vehicle or property is damaged by one of yours.
Comprehensive cover is the highest level, protecting your own vehicles as well as vehicles or property belonging to other people, regardless of whose fault an accident was.
In between the two, Third Party, Fire and Theft offers the same cover as Third Party Only but also insures your own vehicles in the event that they’re stolen or in a fire. Don’t worry if this all seems complicated, our team will help build the perfect fleet policy for you and answer any questions that come up along the way!

The Benefits of a Fleet Policy

Keep things simple – Keeping track of the upkeep and running of numerous vehicles can be tricky but insuring them shouldn’t be. The great thing about fleet cover is that it insures all your vehicles on a single policy, which means you only have one renewal date to worry about. It gives you that peace of mind that all your vehicles are covered at all times. What’s even more beneficial, taking out a policy tailored to your business needs, could save you money over the cost of insuring your vehicles and other aspects of your business individually. A specialist insurance broker will be able to advise you on the most suitable policy for your needs.

Get great cover – For your convenience, we can also add on extras such as public and employers’ liability insurance so that all your legal obligations are met by a single combined policy. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to save money by only insuring named drivers on particular vehicles. With many fleet policies, you can also cover any driver to drive any vehicle on your fleet, or even set a minimum age requirement to save money, such as, over 25 drivers or over 30 drivers.

Why 1st Choice Insurance for Fleet Cover?

As we are leading Direct Fleet Insurance Brokers, we find and compare the best fleet policies for you and your business. We’ll ask you some quick questions about your business and the level of protection you require, then we will assess the cover options available and help advise you which ones could be the most suitable for your business. We will also explain any optional or extra costs to you to ensure you have the full facts before taking out the policy. We work with some of the biggest fleet insurers in the industry, we have access to a wide range of policies, we can offer quick quotations, documentation via email and in some cases immediate coverage. We also have our client services portal, where our customers can access their documents and information, contact us for quotes, notify us for a claim, or for any queries they may have.

Over 95% of our clients rate our customer service as ‘Excellent’ on We are a trusted insurance broker, and our customers are always our priority.

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