Motor Trade Insurance

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Motor Trade Insurance

We’re a specialist Motor Trade Insurance Broker, our complete auto trade insurance policies will protect your business from all angles. Whether you run an MOT garage, a remapping service, or you’re a mobile mechanic and tyre fitter, you need specialist insurance for motor trade. Talk to our expert team today for cheap motor trade insurance quotes!

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Whatever your requirements, 1st Choice Insurance is here to help you get a cheap motor trade insurance quote. Call our award-winning team on 01743 770 500 for a no obligation policy quotation or fill out our Get a Quote form to request a call back.

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What is Motor Trade Insurance?

Insurance for motor trade is designed to protect people in the automotive industry from loss or damage relating to their business. An auto trade policy combines a number of protections under a single umbrella, including things such as public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, property insurance and road risk insurance. These combined policies are specifically designed with auto traders in mind, with a range of coverage options available to protect your business assets and customer base.

A combined motor trades insurance policy or road risk only policy are two options regularly available from insurance companies. Many insurance for motor trade providers also offer dedicated coverage options for part-time traders, traders working from home, mobile traders, and specific automotive businesses. When comparing insurance, it’s crucial to analyse individual policies with regard to both coverage and premium levels, if you give us a call, we’ll do it for you and save you money in the process.

How does a Motor Trade Insurance Policy work?

Researching individual insurance products can be time-consuming, with auto trade policies designed to function in a neat and efficient package. Combined insurance for motor trade is usually advised instead of taking out individual policies, with tailored contracts more comprehensive, more affordable, and generally less risky.

Whether you’re a small mobile operator or a large commercial garage, a range of robust and cheap motor trade insurance products are available from 1st Choice Insurance. There are two main types, the two most common motor trade policies available are Road Risks and a Combined.

Road Risks insurance is designed for full or part-time motor traders who need cover from the common road risks which can occur when driving their own vehicles or their customer’s vehicles for motor trade purposes.

Motor Trade Combined insurance covers you from road risks insurance, but it also gives you additional levels of protection to. This could range from garage contents insurance to public liability

Who needs a Motor Trade Policy?
Motor trades insurance is available in a number of configurations and designed to meet the needs of any automotive business. Examples of auto traders working in the UK include tyre and exhaust fitters, MOT stations, service and repair garages, mobile service operators, used car dealerships, valeters, transit companies, window tinting businesses and many others. Auto traders insurance is also recommended for anyone who is responsible for customers’ vehicles during their day-to-day operation, as this protects not just your customers property itself, but also you for any claims made against you.

Benefits of Motor Trades Insurance

A motor trades insurance policy from 1st Choice Insurance is designed to protect a wide range of automotive professions. Whether you need a basic road risk only policy or a combined motor traders policy, this type of insurance is recommended for anyone who is operating their business on a commercial basis.

The benefits run far and wide, including protection against fire and theft, protection against accidental damage, extensive road risk cover, and extensive public and employers’ liability protection. A combined policy like this allows you to receive the protection you need in a flexible and affordable traders policy package.

We work with the UK’s top insurance companies, which allows us to find and compare the best specialist auto trade insurance from over 80 leading brands. Our unique relationships with these insurers and the fact we are a motor trade specialist allows us to find cheap motor trade insurance with no compromise to coverage.

What Motor Trade Policies can we offer?

Whether you work from home, have your own or shared premises, are a young motor trader looking to start out, or looking for a full combined motor traders policy, our specialist motor trade team at 1st Choice Insurance can offer cover for practically all aspects of Auto Trade Insurance. Give us a call and speak to an advisor today.

We compare the best motor trades insurance policies from the leading UK insurance providers to make sure we find you the best cover on the market for the best possible price.

  • Access to a wide range of bespoke policies.
  • We compare insurance quotes to find you the best one, so you don’t have to.
  • Experienced specialist motor trade insurance broker.
  • Documentation issued by email and post (if required).
  • A dedicated staff team for all your policies.
  • Great savings on your insurance premiums.
  • Quotations over the phone.
  • Instant insurance cover.

We can offer car garage insurance for auto businesses that operate from a location or we can offer road risks, motor trade public liability insurance and combined insurance packages to mobile mechanics and specialist traders who work from home. Not only this, but as a specialist motor trade insurance broker we also offer excellent customer service. Over 95% of our clients on rate us as 5 stars, check out some of our reviews here.

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