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We compare & find the best garden centre insurance policy for your needs by comparing our wide panel of insurance partners. We will find the best policy and save you time, hassle, and money. Get a free quote today and get the garden centre insurance policy you need!

What is garden centre insurance?

Garden centre insurance is a form of business insurance designed to protect garden centres across the UK. Also known as plant nursery insurance, flower grower insurance, or growers insurance, this form of horticulture insurance combines a number of individual protections under a single policy and premium scheme. Typical elements of garden centre insurance include products liability, public liability, employers liability, fire and theft, equipment loss or damage, property insurance, loss of business income and much more. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, our experienced brokers can tailor a business insurance solution that is perfect for your needs.

What do our policies cover?

At 1st Choice Insurance, our team will use their specialist knowledge of the insurance market to ensure you get the garden centre insurance UK cover you need at the right price. We can offer a tailored package for your specific requirements, including:

  • Buildings
  • Contents and Stock
  • Accidental damage
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of licence
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Glass and signage
  • Personal accident
  • Legal cover
  • Door staff/security personnel
  • Money on premises …and many more

Who needs garden centre insurance?

Garden centres come in all shapes and sizes, from small plant nurseries and flower growers through to large garden stores that sell plants alongside other outdoor products and services. In the United Kingdom, the modern garden centre is the evolution of the retail plant nursery, with large garden centres also likely to sell outdoor furniture, compost and fertilisers, garden tools, and even small pets. In many ways, large modern garden centres function much like department stores and require many of the same protections. Garden centre insurance is recommended for any business involved in the garden and outdoor industry.

While plant nursery insurance shares a number of similarities with general business insurance, specific risk factors can be addressed on their own merit and redundancies can be avoided by opting for a bespoke garden centre policy. For example, retail garden centres may require additional public liability coverage to protect customers while they’re shopping in the store. The indoor-outdoor nature of these businesses may also need to be addressed by insurance brokers, with fire and theft coverage needing to account for location-specific risk factors.

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Benefits of garden centre insurance

Dedicated horticulture insurance allows garden centres and plant nurseries to obtain the insurance protection demanded by their profession. Instead of relying on general insurance coverage such as property insurance and public liability, we can tailor a policy to your specific needs. This offers a number of advantages to modern businesses, including extended coverage where needed, the ability to list exclusions, and the possibility of avoiding coverage redundancies and duplicates.

We can help you to design a new policy, extend an existing contract, or get rid of unnecessary coverage options in your existing business policy. If you need to access growers insurance or any kind of specialised insurance protection, please give us a call at 1st Choice Insurance today.

Why choose 1st Choice?

Working with some of the biggest insurance companies in the insurance industry, we have access to a wide range of policies and can offer quick quotations and instant cover. We offer a fantastic service, flexible payment options, documentation via email and instant cover. Let us take care of searching the panel of insurers for you to find your perfect policy, and save yourself time and money!

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