Commercial property insurance is an absolute necessity for landlords who want to protect both their building and their own financial risk. There are a huge number of areas that can go wrong with any property. Landlords need to plan and prepare for the unexpected. Safe and secure risk mitigation is key.

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Planning ahead will save money, time, frustration, reputation and heartache in the long run. Investing in the right policy now, provided by the right commercial broker, will benefit property owners and landlords immensely in the future.

Securing insurance will give peace of mind allowing you to grow profits and focus on the day to day running of business priorities

So, what is covered?

  • Fire, flood, or any natural disaster that is out of your control, for example, a storm or an earthquake.
  • Equipment or technology failure, burst pipes, electric and heating problems and more.
  • Burglaries, theft and any damage caused to the building upon a break in.
  • If you rent your property out, commercial insurance will cover any rent you lose due to the building being unavailable because of damage or repair.

1st Choice Insurance is an Independent Commercial Broker specialising in all aspects of property and material damage.

We offer a premium service. This means that we will effectively advise on the very best policies available on the market. We can quickly ensure that cover is provided. We will then manage your policy to ensure you get a 1st class premium service especially at the times when you most need to rely on a trusted partner. Fast, flexible and reliable.

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