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Modified Van Insurance

Finding cheap modified van insurance can be quite the headache, our team can use their expert knowledge of the specialist van insurance market to ensure you get the protection you need for your vehicle at the right price. With experience in finding our clients the best insurance for modified vans, we can advise on the ideal cover for your needs.

How to get Modified Van Insurance?

Making sure your modified van has the correct modified van insurance could be the difference between a pay out, or huge loss. Don’t be put off, often rates are lower than people might think. If you’re unhappy with your current prices, get a quote from us today!

Our award-winning team will be able to advise you on the best possible protection options that are available to you, from both the well-known brands and specialist van insurance providers. As with all insurance policies, it is important to carefully check your van modified insurance policy wording to check that it is suitable for all your requirements.

What do insurance companies’ class as modifications?

Is your van modified? All modifications from the factory standard must be declared to your insurer, otherwise you risk invalidating your insurance for modified vans cover. No one wants to find out they’re not protected when disaster has struck and it’s too late.

Any changes made to a van that alters its appearance or performance are classed as modification, e.g. adding a spoiler, modifying the engine, suspension or steering; replacing standard wheels with alloys etc. will be reflected in the premium. It could also include fitting a tow bar or other changes to the van’s bodywork.

Other modifications could include converting your van to a camper van or modifying it to carry a surfboard or other sports and hobby equipment. Even removing existing seats to create more space or fit in some specialist equipment for your job, can be seen as a modification and must be notified to your insurer.

If you use a van modified for delivery work and are looking for a competitive premium for your courier business, click on one of the links below for more information:

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Benefits of Comprehensive Modified Van Insurance

Comprehensive is the best insurance for modified vans and the best coverage you can find. We usually recommend this level of protection for all modified vehicles, as more often than not modified also means high value, due to the sheer amount of investment that goes into modding your van or car. It also includes third party, fire & theft and will normally include the cost of repairing or replacing your van if it’s damaged maliciously or if you’re involved in an accident. Van modified insurers often include other benefits in their comprehensive policies, such as windscreen cover, breakdown, extended coverage for driving abroad, and even a courtesy vehicle if your van is in for repairs.

The Road Traffic Act has ensured that van insurance has been a legal requirement for all drivers on the road and by law, you are obliged as a driver to be insured against the risk of causing damage or injury to people or property. Without valid insurance for your van, you could face fines or a driving ban if they’re caught. The only time that insurance is not required is if your vehicle is registered as off-road with a Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN).

 Get Modified Van Insurance Quotes Now

Our team will use their specialist knowledge of the specialist van insurance market to ensure you get the cover you need at the right price for your insurance for modified vans. We believe that everyone deserves great value on their insurance policies, which is why we offer great value for money with incredible savings. We’ll ask you some quick questions about your business and the level of protection you require, then we’ll assess the cover options available and advise you which ones could be most suitable. We will also explain any optional or extra costs to you, to ensure you have the full facts before taking out the policy. We work with some of the biggest insurance providers in the industry, we can offer quick quotations, documentation via email and in some cases immediate coverage. Why look anywhere else?

Not only this, but over 95% of our clients rate our customer service as ‘Excellent’ on There is no wonder clients return to us for their commercial insurance year after year!

Whatever your requirements, 1st Choice Insurance is here to help. Call our friendly, experienced team on 01743 770 500 a no obligation modified van insurance quotation or use our Get a Quote Form to request a call back.

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