Compare UberEats Food Delivery Insurance

UberEats Food Delivery Insurance

Delivering food for extra income can mean expensive Uber Eats Driver Insurance premiums, but 1st Choice will work hard to find the best ubereats food delivery insurance prices for our clients. No matter your vehicle type – scooter, car or van, we can find the perfect uber eats delivery insurance policy for you – fast!

What is UberEats Food Delivery Insurance?

There is no doubt at all that we live in a takeout nation, especially since the recent pandemic events leading the country into lockdown measures. More and more food businesses have found themselves having to offer delivery services just to stay afloat. This is great news for fast food delivery drivers and those that drive for companies like UberEats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.

Uber Eats Delivery Insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, and a personalised policy is always the best way to get the right level of protection for the potential risks whilst you’re out and about. UberEats food delivery insurance, also known as uber eats food insurance, uber eats driver insurance or uber eats delivery insurance, is a subset of business insurance specifically designed for drivers in the fast food delivery industry.

Who needs UberEats Food Insurance?

Many drivers believe that they are covered for deliveries on their private car insurance policies. However, because fast food delivery counts as ‘business use’, not ‘Social, Domestic and Pleasure’, in the event of an accident you will not be insured and can result in a total loss. Hire and reward is the coverage you need for delivering food orders, it’s also a requirement for UberEats drivers to have this level of cover. It’s a specific type of insurance for carrying out deliveries of goods that aren’t yours, whether it is food, products, or parcels.

1st Choice believe our uber eats driver insurance policies offer you the best level of protection, as they will also cover you for SDP usage. They can replace your current car insurance policy, meaning it protects you fully and does not cost much more. Get in touch today for a cheap uber eats food insurance quote!‌‌

How much is UberEats Food Delivery Insurance?

We often find that most clients get outrageous quotes that make their uber eats driver insurance completely unaffordable. We can compare 40+ specialist policies in just a few minutes, finding you the best value uber eats delivery insurance quote. You can still use this policy to cover your everyday usage. However, if you flip it around, can you afford not to have the cover? Are your delivery vehicles covered against accidents and damage to third-party property? Have you fulfilled your legal obligations for employer’s liability coverage?

Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we can help you to fill in the gaps in your existing coverage, eliminate the coverage that you don’t need, and initiate new uber eats food insurance policies based on your specific operation and requirements. Get uber eats delivery insurance today!

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We can arrange other food-based insurance

We can arrange insurance cover for all types of food businesses, who may offer fast food or takeaway/delivery service. We can arrange:

  • Catering Van Insurance
  • Cafe Insurance
  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Pub Insurance

As a leading Uber Eats Delivery Insurance broker in the UK, 1st Choice has plenty of experience in finding the right UberEats food delivery insurance policies at the right price for our clients. With an approachable and knowledgeable sales team, we will make sure that you can make an informed choice and explore all the options available to you.

Benefits of UberEats Food Delivery Insurance

‌‌Insurance for uber eats delivery driver is a vital part of responsible operation. Many of the risk factors associated with running an ubereats food delivery business are not covered in standard vehicle insurance contracts, with dedicated coverage the only way to ensure full protection.

Tailored uber eats delivery insurance policies are accommodating, effective, and more affordable than ever before. If you’re starting an uber eats food delivery business, or looking to upgrade your current level of coverage, please give us a call today so we can give your business the protection it deserves.

Get a cheap UberEats Food Delivery Insurance quote today

We believe everyone deserves great value on their uber eats driver insurance policies. That’s why we offer great value for money with incredible savings on insurance for uber eats delivery. Call us today on 01743 770 500 or complete our Get a Quote Form to request a call back.