About the MID

Motor Insurers Database (MID)

At 1st Choice Insurance, we use insurers that have direct links to the MID database to enable motor traders to update their insurance details as changes happen.

Making lots of regular vehicle changes to your policy, but don’t have access to the MID? Contact us to update your policy today. Please provide us with a little information and we will get back to you as quickly as possible about your request.

What is the MID?

The Motor Insurers Database was established by the insurance industry to combat uninsured and under insured drivers who cost the honest policyholder in excess of £600 million per year. It also enables the UK to comply with the 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive which requires insurance details of all vehicles in member states to be easily accessed by a national information centre. In the UK this is controlled by the MIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau).

It is your responsibility to notify a vehicle to the MID or of changes in circumstances, this is usually done through your Insurer’s portal. Your insurer will provide details of their portal upon policy inception.

What you must notify to the MID

  • Any trade plate
  • Any stock vehicle you are using for SD&P
  • Any details of vehicles that are permanently registered to you, whether they are leased or owned
  • Any details of temporary vehicles, such as short term hire or courtesy vehicles
  • Any customer vehicles in your possession for 14 days or more
  • This includes any additions, deletions or changes in registration details

Remember to remove vehicles from the MID that you no longer own, otherwise you may still be liable on your insurance in the event of any claim, even if it’s been sold!
Also you don’t need to add untaxed stock vehicles (which are driven on trade plates), but the MIB prefer that you do.

What details are needed?

  • Vehicle on date (the first date on which the policy covered the vehicle)
  • Vehicle registration number (VRN)
  • Vehicle type (car, commercial vehicle, van, minibus etc.)
  • Make and model
  • Cubic capacity (CC) for cars, Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) for commercial vehicles
  • Vehicle off date (the last date on which the policy covered the vehicle)
Trade plate numbers should also be notified to MID and in all cases policyholders need to specify in the file whether the VRM relates to a trade plate (‘T’) or a normal vehicle (‘U’).
Changes and amendments should be notified to the MID immediately.

If vehicles are not added, it could result in you being stopped by the police as your vehicle would appear to be uninsured, and therefore incur a fine. Alternatively, if a vehicle is not removed and is subsequently involved in a claim, you will be liable.

What you don’t need to notify to the MID

  • Customer vehicles in your custody for specific reasons – e.g. repair, servicing, storage etc. In these cases, the vehicle’s ownership remains with the customer, so there is no need to disclose this information.
  • Your own stock vehicles for the purpose of sale or resale, or demonstration purposes under trade plates. However, if you decide to use any of the vehicles for your motor trade use without trade plates – or for any personal use – then such vehicles must be disclosed.
  • Vehicles driven under Trade Plate regulations – however, all Trade Plate numbers must be disclosed already to the MID