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We compare over 80 leading insurance companies in the UK to find the very best value freight insurance policies online. No matter the size, type, and location of your cargo, we will listen to your needs and find the perfect policy for you, for a price you will love.

What is freight Insurance?

Freight insurance is a specific type of business insurance policy that protects your goods whilst they are in transit. You will receive compensation if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Transport costs will also be refunded if you lodge a successful claim. The typical clients include haulage companies who transport valuable goods via land, sea, or air.

Freight insurance covers your liability for cargo that is either physically lost or damaged while in transit and also whilst being stored pending transit. Goods are covered for example from damage due to loading/unloading, weather, piracy, infestation, theft, or other factors causing damage.

Who needs Freight Insurance?

Freight insurance is normally only considered by businesses who are transporting a cargo with a higher value than the maximum amount he freight forwarder is liable for. Freight insurance is used to insure the difference between these. The liability of carriers is limited by law in international trade, so it is in fact very common for the compensation to be lower than your actual loss. We find that often the insurance that freight forwarders will offer to their customers work out substantially higher than having your own insurance policy.

Factors that will effect the cost of insurance premiums

  • The value of the goods being transported
  • The destination of the goods
  • How the goods are being transported

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