Is your business growing? Do you have a plan for growth?

  • Are you reviewing your processes and current operational capabilities to ensure you are minimising costs?
  • Are you looking to ensure you are maximising the value of your existing supplier contracts?
  • Your customers are looking for fast, flexible, reliable customer service and you need to be slick and easy to do business with.

Are you a sole trader or small business that operates a number of vehicles to conduct your business? You may have just the one vehicle but are looking for a second? Or you have two or more currently and are managing the insurance and management of them separately? Do you have time to manage the risks associated with a growing fleet? Growing is good. There is also a very good way to handle this growth, a Fleet Insurance Policy.

Fleet insurance is insurance cover for all your vehicles under the convenience of one policy. This ensures that you only have one renewal date and one policy to manage. This covers a mixed fleet of cars, vans, HGV’s. Less time, less hassle, less stress. What would be the implications to your business if you missed cover on one of your vehicles? This could be very costly and a major inconvenience to you and your customers.

As you grow vehicles can easily be added or taken off your policy throughout the year. Easy, slick and convenient.

Insuring your vehicles under a fleet policy will usually work out considerably cheaper than insuring them on an individual basis. Hence reducing ongoing costs. A key benefit of a Fleet Policy is that your drivers are not restricted to individual vehicles. You gain the flexibility of driver extension. Hence, the right man for the right job making the planning and logistics of you fleet management much easier.

At 1st Choice Insurance, we invest in our technology to ensure we can arrange cover quickly and easily. Give us a call. We have over 100 years of collective insurance experience. You will talk to a specialist who will provide expert independent advice. Based in Shrewsbury we are also growing as a business. We are expanding on sound financial management.

It would be an absolute pleasure to have you as one of our Fleet Clients. Reduce costs; increase your fleet flexibility; focus on your business and we will focus on securing your future and taking the worry away from your business risks

Ken Baker,

Training and Business Development Director