Have You Ever Considered Using a Digital GP?

Many of us know it’s not always easy to get an appointment with your GP.

It makes it that little bit harder with long wait times, surgeries being short-staffed, or having to take an appointment that means having to juggle your schedule or take time off work. While our NHS GPs work extremely hard and remain overwhelmed at the moment, it makes sense to think of alternatives that can get us in front of a GP quicker without adding to the NHS backlog.

That’s where using a Digital GP can help.

What is a Digital GP?

A “Digital GP” is a doctor that usually works for an independent or private organisation and undertakes the majority of their consultations remotely, usually by video call via an app. This means they can deliver appointments and services for patients far more rapidly than traditional GP services. A virtual doctor’s appointment is very similar to a face-to-face one. You book a date and time for your consultation, but you meet face-to-face over video instead.

Benefits of a virtual GP appointment

There are many advantages to using a Digital GP; you don’t have to drive to the doctor’s clinic, park, walk, or sit in a waiting room when you’re unwell. You can see your doctor from the comfort of your own bed or sofa. Virtual visits can also be easier to fit into your busy schedule. Other benefits include:

  • See a doctor sooner – With no waiting room, it’s easier for a GP to keep appointments shorter but still just as thorough. There is also no delay while you wait for your doctor or nurse to prepare the room. Instead, the doctor is free to move on to the next appointment, which means you will often get to see a doctor much faster than if you were to go into the surgery.
  • Have a GP consultation from work – If you are well enough to go into work but still need to speak to a doctor, there is no need to take time off. You can schedule a break to see the doctor from your workplace at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Stay in the comfort of your own home – Many people prefer to stay at home, especially those who are vulnerable. It’s safer, and you also don’t have to get up, get dressed, and leave the house when you are unwell.
  • Get refill prescriptions without going to the clinic – If you take medication that you need to see a doctor for an ongoing basis, it can be frustrating to go into an appointment just for a prescription. However, with online medicine, you can speak with the doctor and get your prescription without leaving your home. You can even have your appointment while you sit in your vehicle outside the pharmacy.


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