Help for The Flooded Businesses of Shrewsbury

Having lived and worked in Shrewsbury all my life it’s awful to see the damage that has been caused by the latest set of floods. I’ve never seen it this bad before, with the MET office has confirming it’s the worst flood since the 1940s. Businesses closed, stock rooms flooded, livelihoods shaken – our thoughts are with everyone affected. According to the Shropshire Star, England has received over 200% of its average February rainfall, with some areas experiencing a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours.

We have been into town to see the damage ourselves and talk to the business owners affected. We know of one restaurant that has had to cancel its booking costing them thousands in lost income. We have also spoken to one of our favourite local pubs who have lost over £13,000 worth of stock. When meeting these businesses and looking through their insurance policies, we were shocked to discover many did not have the correct level of cover in place for damage caused by floods or business interruption cover.

How can we help businesses in Shrewsbury?

In short, we want to help. We cannot reverse the damage caused to flooded businesses this time, but we are opening a FREE policy review service to ensure such losses cannot take place moving forwards. We want to ensure that if such occasions arise in the future, businesses and business owners have the correct protection in place to cover their risks and protect their livelihoods. This isn’t about sales, our service is free and no-obligation, we simply want to get involved and help!

We have the experience and knowledge to run a full review of each business’s risks and make sure their policy offers them the correct level of cover, giving business owners complete peace of mind. Two key areas we want to focus on is flood risk cover and business interruption insurance. Below we will break down what each policy covers and the benefits of its inclusion in your policy.

What is flood cover?

Flood cover insurance covers you for the damage caused by floods. It is usually added to property owner’s insurance policies, but not always as a standard. Always make sure when you insure your building you insure it against the most common perils – flood, fire and accidental damage.

What is business interruption? 

Business interruption insurance is a policy that protects businesses from huge financial losses that can occur as a result of a claim against their property or physical assets. Whilst buildings insurance will cover you against physical damage to a property, business interruption insurance covers the income businesses would have made had the incident not happened. For businesses devastated by fires, floods, weather damage, and other similar perils, this policy often means the difference between ensuring the long-term viability of your business and going bust.

Let us help you

We understand that right now everything is up in the air and you are worried – but please when the time is right – get in touch with our team. We really do want to help and are happy to visit your business in person and look at your insurance policy to offer you impartial advice. It’s 100% free and no-obligation to you at all. To get our help please call 01743 770500 and ask for Ryan Atkinson, or simply drop us an email on