Helping Delivery Businesses Through Covid-19

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More Than Just Commercial Insurance In Shrewsbury

1st Choice Insurance, a leading commercial insurance broker from Shrewsbury, have seen a spike in business as people take on new jobs and hit the roads to deliver vital supplies and keep the country moving.

Staff at 1st Choice Insurance on Shrewsbury Business Park has been helping clients insure more vehicles as they have been expanding their fleet to cope with demand, whilst helping new clients insure a single van for them to start working on a self-employed basis to deliver parcels and make food and pharmaceutical deliveries.

Rose Stephen, client services team leader, said it was great to see people who had been furloughed turning to other lines of work to support their families and also to keep the country going. Whilst others who may have previously not worked had now turned to a new job as a partner may have lost theirs and their roles had reversed within the home.

“There is no doubt we have seen a huge upsurge in the number of delivery and courier policies we have been processing. We have heard so many different stories from people who have been in various jobs at all levels across many industries and are now facing a lack of work but they are desperate to help in any way they can.

“Many of them have not necessarily been starting new jobs for financial reasons but because they want to help the country to keep going and also for their own mental and emotional well-being,” Miss Stephen said.

“We have heard how people have bought a van as they have wanted to volunteer for pharmacies or to deliver food parcels – and of course the insurance policy is key. There have been queries as to whether they needed business insurance cover and at what level they would need if they were not earning money from the service.

“In spite of the world events, our fully trained team have been uplifted by these stories of perseverance and determination to make a difference – help the community or ensure they can provide for their families.”

Miss Stephen said their clients based in the London area had been expanding their fleets day by day as they provided courier services for the likes of Amazon Prime.

“As we all know time is of the essence with everything at the moment and these drivers have needed to hit the road as soon as possible so we have been quoting over the phone and ensuring we have been getting the best rates possible from the insurers.

“Our key workers on the roads must not be forgotten – they are the ones getting vital parcels and goods to people’s doors from life-saving medicines and PPE to hospitals and distribution centres to food to the stores or direct to people’s homes.

“From a single-vehicle policy to a large fleet of vans – we have heard the story and got them sorted so they can get on the road.

“It has been heartwarming to hear these stories and we want to thank our clients for their work as key workers and also our team who have been working so hard to get these drivers on the road.”

Miss Stephen said it was great to hear so many drivers wanting to particularly support small independent businesses with their delivery services from butchers to takeaways to garden centres – many of which had never offered delivery services or on-line orders prior to the pandemic breaking.

“I think everyone who goes above and beyond during this time will be remembered.

“The butcher who provided the meat to the doorstep, the pharmacy who worked around the clock to dispense and deliver the life-saving medicines, the fruit and vegetable delivery service, the milkman, community volunteers, carers in the community keeping our elderly and vulnerable safe at home and of course all of those on the front line.

“The Shropshire business community has also been exceptionally kind towards each other showing support to those they meet and work with throughout the year.

“The way we work is looking very different at the moment but we will all be better people for it at the end. Well done to all who are continuing to provide much-needed services.”

1st Choice Commercial Insurance in Shrewsbury was launched seven years ago and has grown into a successful national company. The firm recently moved into bigger premises on Shrewsbury Business Park and has major plans to grow five-fold over the next five years.

The company looks after 1,000’s of clients across the country, offering a full range of commercial insurance solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, sectors, and locations across the country. The company recently launched sister company 1st Choice Leasing.

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