How Telematics Can Benefit Your Fleet

The most recognised technology for collecting fleet data is telematics, which uses GPS tracking devices to gather data such as speed, driver behaviour, location services, and many more. Telematics systems do a great deal to cut out unnecessary hassle for drivers.

Telematics data provides drivers with valuable feedback about their on-road behaviour. This information is a great way for drivers to look at what they can change in their driving style to reduce on-road risk, their impact on the environment, and the cost to the business they work for.

The information gathered from telematics systems is often shared between the fleet manager and driver to support the implementation of personalised training and development programmes tailored to the individual’s needs. Because of this process, any time spent on training has a high impact and is valuable to the drivers.

What are the benefits of telematics?

• Reduced fuel costs – Drivers with continuous habits, such as harsh breaking or driving in the wrong gears, can cost your business unnecessary fuel usage. With telematics, you can see reports on speeding, harsh breaking, and harsh cornering. By monitoring driver behaviour, you can improve the cost-effectiveness of your fleet and optimise routes.

• Increased fleet efficiency – Telematics enables fleet managers to collect extensive data, including tracking their vehicles, obtaining journey history, and generating driver time sheets. With this data, you can map out your fleet’s movements effectively and work with staff to minimise operational downtime.

• Increased security – One of the main concerns of managing a fleet is ensuring driver safety and asset security, both of which can be difficult to keep tabs on if drivers are on the road alone. Telematics devices have a built-in accelerometer that can detect accidents with the help of a gyroscope sensor. When an impact occurs, the accelerometer onboard the telematics device will determine the severity of the collision and send instant alerts to designated people. This is particularly useful from an insurance perspective, as it allows the insurer to gain first notification of loss (FNOL).

Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we are constantly striving for ways to add value and potentially save money for our customers. We work closely with insurers to recognise the extensive work businesses do to prevent risk and act with due diligence within the industry. In our dedicated Fleet Services Department, we offer a range of solutions that help manage risk across your commercial fleet.

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