Is There Specific Insurance for Tradesmen?

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There are many potential problems tradespeople face in their daily routine – that is why it’s vital to have the right insurance for tradesmen in place to cover all the bases. So many things can go wrong and there may be severe consequences if you haven’t done your homework properly and got the correct level of protection.

Then there’s the type of work they are involved in to consider. Plumbers, roofers, fencing contractors and painters and decorators are all tradespeople but doing vastly different jobs. So it must follow that they need an insurance policy directly applicable to them, right?

One of our recent calls was from a plumber who was starting his own business and wanted to know if there was a specific insurance for tradesmen he should have. We explained his best option was a tailor-made package we could work on with him which would ensure he was properly covered for everything he needed.

Insurance for Tradesmen

We were able to give our new client a number of things to consider:

Talking through his insurance requirements allowed us to pull together all the different strands of cover he needed into one easy to understand cost-effective policy. Something he may well have missed out on had he looked elsewhere.

We have a tried and tested formula developed over a number of years where we work out what’s best for our client and then find the best deal by comparing our extensive panel of leading insurers.

It means you will be insured for the things you need and won’t be paying extra for additional policies or the things you don’t need. You will also have the reassurance of knowing our main goal is always working in the best interests of our client by providing the right solutions with no hidden agendas.

Customised insurance is more flexible, giving you the freedom to change individual options as your business changes. It will also have undergone a full risk assessment which means we can ensure you won’t be under-insured or have gaps in your cover.

Of course, it’s not just plumbers we are helping. We work with tradespeople from all sectors in coming up with the correct insurance solution and at the right price.

Our new plumber client was delighted with the deal we were able to work out for him and you could be, too! Give us a call on 01743 770500 and find out how we can help you with great value insurance for tradesmen.