1st Choice Launch Their Brand New Client Service Portal

What is our Client Services Portal?

At 1st Choice Insurance, we have introduced a client services portal for our customers to be able to access their documents and information, contact us for quotes, notify us for a claim, or for any queries they may have.

How does it work?

The portal gives customers immediate access to their service needs. Customers are granted 24/7 access to their documents and can make amendments if needed without the need of speaking to a member of our team. You also can request call-backs on our portal which can save you time as an alternative to possibly queuing on our phone lines.

Why did we launch it?

We launched our client services portal to make it smoother for our customers to access their documents or upload any documents at any time. We provide a secure site to which you can upload your documents to which gives you peace of mind that we are protecting your data. The portal was developed to allow our clients a secure, convenient and user-friendly way to access their documentation, notify us of a claim and send us documents.

Benefits for our clients

One of the key benefits of our secure client-service portal is instant access to all your 1st Choice Insurance policy documents in just a few clicks. The client service portal also enables us to be more environmentally friendly as we reduce the number of printed policies. You can manage your documents at any time, anywhere.

How can I get access?

If you have recently bought or renewed your policy with us, you will be set up automatically by the system. Otherwise, please contact our customer services team on 01743 770500 who can help arrange this for you.