Liability Insurance for Sole Traders and Small Businesses

Every small business or sole trader should ensure that they have some form of Public Liability Insurance cover from the moment they start trading. Public Liability insurance is not a legal requirement; however, some businesses and individuals will refuse to work with companies who do not have the most appropriate cover.

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Public Liability Insurance provides both defence and damages to you, your employees, and your products and services, should you be found liable of causing bodily harm or property damage to a third party or member of the public.

If your business is ordered to pay damages for causing injury or property damage, public liability insurance will cover these costs as well as any associated legal or hospital fees.

This could mean the difference between your business staying open or closing – especially if you run a small operation.

So whether you run a business with a large number of people visiting your premises (such as a hotel or a shopping mall), or if you do work on other people’s property (for example, building, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work etc) public liability insurance is absolutely crucial .it’s very important to have this cover in place.

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Overall, Public Liability Insurance will drastically reduce your overall financial risk. In the event that personal injury or property damage is caused by your company, it may be instrumental in safeguarding your business and your ability to trade.

Product Liability Insurance is a type of commercial cover designed to protect against claims of injury or damage resulting from a product manufactured by your business. Product liability insurance will cover the cost of legal defence and any compensation claims to injured parties. Hence this can be vital protection.

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1st Choice Insurance, based at our Head Office in Shrewsbury is an independent Commercial Insurance Broker who can provide specialist advice for your Public Liability and Product liability needs. Call our friendly team of experts for an instant quotation based on your specific needs. We know how important it is to safeguard your business. We offer a Premium Service experience. We will get this right for you.

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