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This article will cover the importance of setting up a comprehensive combined motor trade insurance policy to protect garages who have MOT stations.

MOT Station Insurance pitfalls… and how to avoid them!

All savvy garage owners understand how essential it is that they perform all work undertaken properly, to avoid risks and danger. MOT stations work hard to ensure peoples vehicles are safe, roadworthy and fully compliant with the latest regulations. This ensures drivers; and customers are fully protected and safe whilst driving.

So, think about it… all business owners would want a combined motor trade insurance policy in place– wouldn’t they?

Despite the obvious YES behind the question, 1000’s of local garage owners are still relying on poor combined motor trade insurance policies. Why? They have become victims of automatic ‘renewal’ syndrome, loved by most insurers. This exposes MOT stations to financial risks, but it’s more serious than money. A comprehensive combined motor trade insurance policy is vital to protecting MOT stations, ensuring that the premises, contents, staff, and stock are protected, as well as third-party liabilities. It also allows businesses to react FAST to issues, so they can continue to serve customers.

But what if your policy is out of date? What if you are not covered?

Put in simple terms, if MOT testing stations simply renew their motor trade insurance policy each year, they could be leaving themselves, and their business in jeopardy! Now, we all understand that opting to renew our policies represents a convenient and seemingly low-cost option, but the fact remains that more MOT stations have policies that fail to deliver savings! Only a combined motor trade insurance policy can offer complete peace of mind.

Here are the top 5 pitfalls of simply ‘renewing’ your MOT station insurance:

  • Your policy becomes out of date. The motor trade sector is a very tightly regulated industry and new laws and regulations being enforced yearly. Many businesses who have simply renewed the same policy for years, could be paying for a policy which does not cover regulatory changes.
  • You could lose your MOT licence. Businesses who fail to have the correct liability insurances in place, may not be fully compliant and this has led to numerous garages losing their MOT licences. This results in a huge loss of income, but it also tarnishes the businesses name for the future.
  • Loss of a huge revenue stream. Garages unable to perform MOT tests, risk losing a customer who will come back year after year. Furthermore, if any vital pieces of machinery or tools break down, garages could end up being unable to complete work on time. This could result in lost income to a competitor, the possibility of refunds, or upsetting first-time customers who never return.
  • You’re exposed to business interruptions. These factors could range from staff absences which result in a vital skill shortage, to local roadworks and even major break-ins. Either way, businesses who remain on poor motor trade insurance policies will be left looking over their shoulders constantly, hoping nothing goes wrong.
  • You’re liable for accidents. These costs can be very high, enough to potentially bankrupt a business. If anyone within a garage is hurt, staff or public, all garage owners could face a major legal battle, high costs, and even business closure. They will be left praying, wishing they had taken out a fully comprehensive combined motor trade insurance.

Stop exposing your business, ACT now!

The best way to protect your MOT station is to take out a combined motor trade insurance policy. Whilst it will always remain tempting to go for the very cheapest policy on the market when you can potentially face a situation that could close your business, a more comprehensive combined motor trade insurance policy will mean you are fully covered.

We are Motor Trade Insurance experts!

You need a broker who offers an honest service, has real industry experience and expertise and offers instant cover which we can set up quickly, and easily. At 1st Choice Insurance, we are combined motor trade insurance experts who will search a wide panel of industry-specific insurers for you, saving you time, and delivering savings!

Talk to us today about our combined motor trade Insurance policy, this fully comprehensive cover will ensure your business premises, contents, staff, and stock are covered, as well as third-party liabilities. Call our friendly, experienced team on 0800 078 7003 or 0300 600 0603 for a no obligation quotation or use our Get a Quote Form. For peace of mind, make us your 1st Choice!

This article was published in Garage and MOT magazine.

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