There is an old saying that “its easy to be happy when you are wearing your new suit”.  Elvis sang “The man who can sing when he hasn’t got a thing, he’s the king of the World”

When I was a younger chap, my Dad always had to make me do things that I had decided were out of my comfort zone. When I did the majority of them, I became engaged and gained energy. If I achieved a good result, I would get motivated. I like being motivated. Motivation is good. It’s very good! So, I have always been a believer that getting “Stuck in” is good for me. Say yes, get involved and force me not to procrastinate. Eat the frog for the main meal and WIFM for starters.

Eat The Frog

My leadership style has always been to look at creating environments that nurture positivity. Light a fire in, not under people. I think this is why I enjoy my house plants so much!!! Provide a big enough pot for future growth, fill the pot with good soil; position the pot in the right environment and then water and feed. I then speak to them (works for Prince Charles) …. I tell them that I am proud of their growth and how good they look!! They then thank me with a nice flower…. Do I need to get a life? Probably, but hopefully, you get the point.
Does being motivated mean being happy? Not necessarily. If it is defined as channelling energy into a task, then sometimes “driven” people can be uncompromising. I have worked for bosses that I would walk on hot coals for, but on other days they could reduce me to a wobbly jelly. However, in hindsight, challenging environments generally lead to personal growth.

So What Motivates People?

So, in general, what motivates me? On a basic level, I really enjoy ticking off tasks on my “to do” list. Oh boy, I love a list!!! With me, if something goes on my list, it gets done. The adage that an idea becomes a plan when written down. I like being part of a team. I don’t rate myself as being particularly skilled in most areas, so I like to be around people that are good at the things I’m not good at. Most of the teams that I have built have made me look far better than I am. My skill I think is to pull together and orchestrate a great team. This REALLY motivates me. Have you ever been part of a really great team? Good isn’t it!!

“People like people who are like they are”. I absolutely gravitate to people who share the same values as me. I really bond with people that have the same sense of humour as me. Nothing better than a good laugh. Early doors in my local pub on a Friday night is magical. A group of mates from very different backgrounds enjoying a common goal…the pleasure of a few pints of good real ale and good cheer. Magic.
So, at 1st Choice, I am looking to create an environment where team members can flourish.

Build a Fear-Free Zone

A fear-free zone is full of positivity and personal growth. Yes, there is pressure to achieve targets, but it is positive pressure. The outcome once again is I feel great to be part of a winning team. We are in growth mode at 1st Choice, so we have many challenges. Approaching challenges as a team makes life a lot easier. Teams are full of untapped skills and abilities. The skill is unleashing these capabilities. I am constantly amazed at the hidden abilities of people.

What is your level of motivation? Are your team members motivated? Are your clients motivated to want to do business with you? I recommend a positive outlook and a clear horizon…. Onwards and Upwards.