I have a real passion for building winning teams

Action Centred Leadership (ACL) is a good framework for a balanced approach. Essentially ACL looks at the focus of one’s leadership across team, task and Individual.

I want to focus here on TEAM. The adage of 1 plus 1 equals 3. The synergy of a group of people achieving more than the sum of the individuals. The aggregation of marginal gain across a group of individuals focussed on the same end goal. Love it.

At 1st Choice, I have been privileged to join a team of good people. They had achieved excellent results and worked well together prior to my arrival. My task has been to help them understand why they have achieved success and to look at how we can achieve more and positively drive our growth plans moving forward

Firstly, it is important to establish that we are a team. One company, one team. Then to get the buy-in that working as a team will be directly beneficial to each individual. People buy into teams when their WIFM factor is clearly defined. “What’s in it for Me”. You will be more successful by being part of a team.

Multiple skill sets correctly aligned sharing best practice to achieve a common goal is a thing of beauty. Defining the “How” and “Why” is key.

Goal mapping helps shape success

Goal Mapping establishes the end result. A written plan with visuals ensuring left and right brains are engaged (Thanks Brian Mayne). Clear objectives and who does what and when. An illustrated end goal with clear reminders of why the team is on this journey and how they will benefit from their success. A Vision Statement achieved through collaborative engagement. Sounds a bit corporate but putting a Mission Statement into words that inspire a team really works.

Culture, now there’s a topic. I think Drucker said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  I have always struggled with great long-term strategy. I wished with hindsight the older me could give the younger me advice!!! I am more of a “bird in the hand” person. Luckily, I have worked with fantastic people with great strategic skills. I then build teams with the right culture to achieve the plan.

Culture is a way of life. It captures the customs and beliefs of a group of people at a particular time. A winning culture sets the stage for positive attitudes, high expectations and successful performances. Culture shapes how people think, feel and act. Give me culture any day over micromanagement. A winning culture can’t come only from the leader, it also has to arise from the team.

Empowering your colleagues 

Creating a fear-free environment enabling empowered team members to flourish and enjoy their job has always been my style of leadership. Helping people build their self- confidence and achieve success is so rewarding. Luckily, I don’t have a controlling ego, hence I get my job satisfaction by being part of a great team.

If I look back at my career, I have been part of some fantastic, winning teams. This has been the highlight of my career. Working with such great, talented people. People who have achieved results for me and made me look far better than I am (Clever me. I fully understand the benefits of surrounding myself with the right people. A strength of mine I think).

Genuinely I am so happy to have joined the 1st Choice Team. I am really enjoying working with a group of top-quality colleagues and I know that we will achieve our growth plans. Work Hard, Play Hard. I’m still very much in the game!