Overcoming Fleet Breakdowns Efficiently

You could have the best fleet management precautions in place, but that can’t completely eliminate roadside incidents. Unforeseen breakdowns can happen eventually, and it is essential for your fleet to have a distinct action plan in place before they occur.

Preventing roadside incidents for your fleet is vital for not only the safety of your drivers, but also the public. If one of your vehicles in your fleet breaks down, it is always important to ensure you act efficiently to minimise operative downtime and added costs.

According to FleetOwner, the most common roadside repairs include:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Exhaust system

4 Ways to Help You Plan to Prevent Roadside Incidents

1. Driver Training and Education – Make sure all drivers undergo full training on vehicle safety and company policies. Regularly offer refresher training and updated safety procedures.

2. Vehicle Maintenance – Implement a precise maintenance schedule for all vehicles, ensuring you do regular routine inspections, tyre rotations, and oil changes.

3. Telematics – Installing telematics systems can help streamline processes to track driver behaviour, route efficiency, and vehicle diagnostics.

4. Emergency Tools – Ensure vehicles are equipped with emergency kits, tools, and basic supplies for roadside repairs and first aid.

What do I do if my fleet vehicle breaks down?

Driver Safety

Firstly, ensure the driver and any passengers are safe. If it is safe for the driver to do so, pull over to a location away from oncoming traffic. Turn on hazard lights, set up warning triangles and use any other safety equipment.

Contact Fleet Management

Inform your fleet manager or supervisor as soon as you can to report the incident. Provide them with as much information as possible regarding the vehicle, your location, and a description of the issue. Reporting the incident right away can ensure the fleet management team works efficiently and acts accordingly.

Arrange for Recovery

If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the location you broke down at, arrange for towing services or a recovery truck to collect your vehicle. Ensure the towing company is reliable and works with commercial vehicles.

Organise a Replacement Vehicle

If you need to get back on the road as soon as possible and you are fit to do so, arrange for a replacement vehicle if one is available. This can help maintain the schedule of the driver or customer commitments and minimise any further delays or disruptions.

Insurance and Claims

Keep a detailed record of the breakdown, including the cause and any associated repair costs. This documentation will be important for any claims made against your insurance. Make sure you have efficient insurance cover for your fleet.

Assess Preventative Measures

Once you have taken the steps to repair your vehicle for use back on the road, review and identify if the incident was due to a maintenance issue or another preventable cause. This information can be used to improve maintenance checks and procedures for the entire fleet.

By following industry best practices to optimise your repair and safety processes, you are protecting your fleet from potential accidents and keeping the day-to-day running of your business as smooth as possible.

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