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Why Get Petrol Station Insurance Cover?

Petrol stations are a unique and potentially risky business, when storing fuel and servicing the public, it’s vital that you have petrol station insurance in place. 

Petrol stations are uniquely risky environments. It’s not just the fact that there are large volumes of fuel on site, but the fact that they’re busy places where people come and go constantly throughout the day and night. Today we’re looking at the important things you should consider when getting petrol station insurance to cover your business.

The unique risks of the forecourt

Whether it’s stored underground or in tanks or bowsers on the surface, it’s not hard to see why storing a large quantity of fuel is seen to constitute a higher level of risk for insurers. Fire, fuel leaks and pollution are all obvious hazards associated with forecourts – but the risks don’t end there.

With vehicles continually driving through, there’s always the risk that a car or lorry could damage your fuel pumps or forecourt canopy by driving into them. That means you’ll need a buildings insurance policy that specifically covers the different elements of your forecourt, from your tanks and canopy to the pumps and other equipment.

If your petrol station has a ‘mini mart’, you’ll need cover for that, too – including for your stock, which would be costly to replace should it be lost, stolen or damaged. You’ll need stock insurance for your fuel as well, and if you have extra facilities such as a car wash or tyre pump, these will also need to be covered by your policy.

Accidents happen

With the greater risks associated with a petrol station comes a greater risk to the members of the public who use it. That’s why it’s vital to take out public liability insurance, which covers you for accidents that cause injury to members of the public or damage to their property. For example, as the owner of a petrol station business, you could be held liable and sued for damage caused to a vehicle as a result of contaminated fuel. This is another example of how important petrol station insurance can be.

As an employer, you’re also responsible for the health and safety of those working for you. You’ll therefore be needing employers’ liability insurance if you employ any staff, as this will cover your legal fees and any compensation payments if they take you to court believing you to be responsible for an injury or sickness they’ve suffered while they’re working for you.

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