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Investment Property Insurance

Investment property insurance is designed to protect property investors and landlords from loss or damage related to property ownership. Also known as landlord insurance, this type of property insurance has been designed to protect a range of property ownership scenarios across the United Kingdom.

What is investment property insurance?

Property investment insurance combines standard buildings and contents cover with a range of additional protections, including property owners’ liability cover, accidental damage cover, loss of rent insurance, and employers’ liability protection. Investment property insurance is an important way to protect your financial future.

Who needs investment property insurance?

Property investment insurance is recommended for anyone who owns an investment property, including landlords who are renting out a property for investment purposes. Insurance for properties bought for investments covers a lot of territory, with all types of properties and investment arrangements accounted for. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we can tailor insurance contracts to meet your needs as a homeowner. While buildings and contents insurance are typically included in all policies, landlords and property investors often have unique needs when it comes to insurance protection.

For example, property owners’ liability allows you to meet your legal costs if a member of the public is injured on your property. While these costs only become an issue if there’s a successful claim, it’s important to stay protected against all eventualities. If you’re renting out an investment property either privately or through a real estate agent, it’s also important to protect yourself against any accidental or malicious damage done by tenants. This level of protection is very important and can be extended to include any damage that results from illegal activities or events. Our flexible insurance packages can also include coverage for loss of rent, pest damage, and employers’ liability among many other protections.

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Benefits of investment property insurance

Investment property policies allow you to get the protection and peace of mind that you deserve as a property investor. The advantages of this insurance stretch far and wide, with 1st Choice Insurance providing a number of tailor-made solutions that help you to meet your legal obligations and ensure your financial protection. Whether you’re renting a single townhouse or developing an extensive property portfolio, we can provide custom property investment insurance to meet your individual needs. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we work with our clients to ensure full coverage in an affordable package. If you want full protection for your investment property, please pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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