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Non Standard Property Insurance

We understand that being a landlord can be stressful enough, and when you own a non standard property, the risks only increase. That’s why we find the perfect Non Standard Property Insurance policy for you. We compare the leading markets, to find you the best cover, for the best price!

What is non standard property insurance?

Non standard property insurance is a form of custom property insurance that has been designed to meet the needs of all homeowners. Instead of relying on standard buildings and contents packages, non-standard insurance combines multiple protections under a single policy umbrella. Non standard home insurance brokers are familiar with all of the risks you’re likely to face as a homeowner, with contracts tailor-made to cover all eventualities. For example, non standard property insurance may include protection for public liability, employers’ liability, loss of rent, loss of income, accidental damage, and property repairs. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we can create non-standard insurance that fits you like a glove.

Who needs non standard property insurance?

Non standard insurance is recommended for all homeowners and property investors who need a unique level of insurance protection. Most people who take out non-standard insurance require additional levels of protection, with many things simply not covered in standard buildings and contents packages. For example, are you covered for the cost of repairing damage from a gas leak or pest infestation? Have you got an adequate level of public liability protection? Is your furniture insured from accidental or malicious damage from tenants? Non standard home insurance brokers have the experience and expertise required to ask the right questions and formulate a policy that leaves nothing to chance.

While most non-standard insurance contracts have additional levels of protection, some people actually require less coverage. There’s no use paying high premiums for protections you don’t need. With non standard property insurance,you can take out coverage elements based on your individual circumstances. Non-standard insurance may also differ in terms of discounts, renewal dates, and the ability to extend or eliminate protections throughout the contract period.

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Benefits of non standard property insurance

Property insurance is an essential part of property ownership, with homeowners and landlords needing to protect themselves, their property, and their tenants from a range of risk factors. While many of these factors are covered in conventional contents and buildings contracts, insurance is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

Non standard property insurance is a flexible and affordable solution that ensures adequate protection in a single and easy to manage package. Whether you own one home or many, it’s critical that you stay protected and look after your needs as a property owner. If you have unique needs from property insurance and require a non standard solution, please give us a call at 1st Choice Insurance today.

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We offer a fantastic service and flexible payment options. All documentation is sent via email and you get instant cover. Let us take care of searching the panel of insurers for you. We will find your perfect policy, and save yourself time and money! If you’re looking for insurance cover from a leading broker, 1st Choice Insurance is here to help. Call our friendly, experienced team on 0800 078 7003 – 0300 600 0603 for a no obligation quotation or use our Get a Quote Form.