Employment Agency Insurance

Today we’re looking at what you should think about when taking out Recruitment and Employment Agency Insurance. As a business owner, you’ll know that taking out the right business insurance policy is an essential part of running your own company. But with so many things to think about, making sure that you’ve covered all bases can be tricky.

Cover for the unexpected

Public liability insurance will cover you for any accidents to members of the public (your clients, for example, or cleaners) while they’re on your premises, as well as for any damage to their belongings. If you employ staff, it’s important to ensure you have adequate employers liability insurance to help you meet the costs of legal fees and compensation should an employee be injured while they’re working for you. You may not think there’s much risk associated with an office job, but it could be as simple as a member of staff tripping over a loose carpet tile and breaking a leg.

As a business that specialises in providing expert advice to clients seeking jobs, it’s worth taking out professional indemnity insurance in case you’re ever held responsible for any loss or damage due to negligent advice. It’s important to remember that such claims can be pursued up to six years after you provided the advice, so even if you’re on the verge of retiring or changing careers, it’s important to make sure you’re covered for this period.

Business interruption and directors and officers liability insurance are further types of cover that you might want to consider adding to your policy for the worst-case scenarios that we all hope will never happen. This can all be added to one of our strong and robust employment agency insurance packages.

Cover for your office

You’ll need to take out office insurance cover for your premises, as well as for your office equipment, such as computers, photocopiers and furniture. Including accidental damage in your insurance policy is a wise move, as you never know when an employee might spill coffee over a valuable computer, or over the brand new carpet you’ve just had fitted. If you have a fleet of company cars so that your recruitment agents can get out to see clients, you’ll also be needing motor fleet insurance, which can save you money on the cost of insuring each vehicle individually.

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