Sales Training at 1st Choice Insurance

As the Training Director at 1st Choice Insurance, I have the privileged opportunity to develop, drive and implement the company sales training strategy. I joined an already growing and successful team, so I have had a tremendous platform to build on. An exciting challenge for someone like myself who has a passion for coaching and development.

My initial aim has been to coach the basic skills that are fundamental to any sales role. Getting the foundations and building blocks in place. Then to add the necessary skills modules needed to effectively engage in professional sales and account management in our chosen markets.

Adding real value

Our key propositions centre around adding real value to our clients. This is achieved by a solid understanding of the business challenges that our customers are looking to overcome. So training is geared towards equipping our team with consultative and solution seeking skills. Understanding how to ask the right type of questions to correctly establish needs. Listening skills are paramount. Helping our clients to mitigate risk by offering exactly the right solutions.

I firmly believe in a structured sales approach glued together with empathy and emotional intelligence. I have studied many sales methodologies over the last 30 years. It is an absolute pleasure to share and coach our team members skills that I know will ensure we offer the very best solutions to the needs of our customers. This means we become trusted advisors and build long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Exceed their expectations

Customers and Prospects are driving new dimensions to traditional sales cycles. They are researching their needs. They research feedback on products and services and the capabilities of companies that supply them. When they then make an approach or are approached by a salesperson, they expect to derive further value through specialised advice and knowledge. This is what I am equipping our team with. The ability to deliver a fantastic service. Yes, a fantastic experience.

This is how we are differentiating ourselves at 1st Choice. We are in a highly competitive market. We are also in a highly regulated industry. Regulation is a very positive thing. It promotes, measures and effectively congratulates companies like us whose sales strategies are totally aligned to our Industry and doing exactly the right thing for our customers.

As I said at the start of this article, I feel privileged to be part of 1st Choice and helping our team members fulfil their true potential. This is a winning strategy for company growth and very happy customers.