What Do You Look For In A Commercial Insurance Broker?

As part of the training program here at 1st Choice, I focus on one area that I think is vital when looking to understand our prospects and clients. That is Buying Criteria. Understanding that individuals and companies have a range of buying criteria can be very important when identifying, establishing and satisfying needs.

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Buying Criteria can be guided by the market. Regulation, compliance and legal requirements can play an important part in a decision-making process. This certainly applies to the Insurance industry. Hence at 1st Choice, we place paramount importance in correctly advising our clients in these areas.

We also look to understand our client’s businesses. We have a consultative process that enables us to advise the correct solution now and in the future. A deeper dive into purchasing decisions reveals the power of understanding and satisfying buying criteria.

Different roles within companies will certainly have different purchasing motivations. Brand; ROI; User benefits; productivity; staff motivation; customer satisfaction and so much more from CEO to shop floor

Individuals have their own buying criteria. Some of these may be:

  • Lowest initial price
  • Longer term true cost of acquisition: Value for money
  • Full and extensive research of the product, market, supplier prior to sales engagement
  • Fast delivery and set up
  • An early adopter of new ideas, new policies, new technologies
  • Face to face engagement, or comfortable using technology and/or the telephone to make a purchase
  • Like a great sales experience. Dealing with a “specialist”. Dealing with an empathetic sales person who really listens and helps.
  • Avoidance of stress
  • Premium service back up and first-class customer care
  • Feel Good Factor. People who are like they are.
  • A “bargain”. The same for lower price…….
  • A local or UK service backed by a solid and reputable company
  • An independent advisor who can give non-biased advice

There are so many more. What are your buying criteria?

At 1st Choice we look to offer a full package

  1. Right Policy
  2. Right Sales Experience
  3. Right onboarding as a new customer
  4. Right customer service and account management
  5. Right invite and renewal process to provide a secure and cost-effective future relationship
  6. A one-stop solution with a full range of solutions and service

We are proud that we can offer a premium sales and service experience to our clients and our aim is to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued new and existing customers.

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