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What is cladding insurance?

Cladding insurance helps to protect contractors and subcontractors involved with the installation and repair of cladding on a professional basis. This form of insurance extends basic business insurance in order to cover all of the risk factors typically faced by cladding professionals. Cladding involves the application of one material over another in order to provide a skin or layered appearance to a building. Typically used on external walls, cladding can also be applied to roofs as a form of thermal insulation and weather resistance.

Common insurance protections provided in cladding insurance include public liability, product liability, tools and equipment cover, loss of business income cover, vehicle insurance, personal accident, and sickness cover, and provisions for mobile business operation. While some of these protections are available in off-the-shelf business insurance products, dedicated cladding insurance is the only way to ensure full protection. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we can create a tailored insurance solution that has been designed to meet the demands of your trade and your business.

Who needs cladding insurance?

Cladding insurance is advised for anyone who offers cladding and related services on a commercial basis. Cladding can be made from a wide range of materials, with builders either performing cladding themselves of using the services of a dedicated subcontractor. Whether you work with wood, brick, metal, vinyl, recycled polystyrene, or straw fibres, cladding insurance can help to protect you from the common risk factors faced during your daily activities.

For example, cladding contractors often work at extreme heights and other dangerous conditions that leave them at risk of accidents. Extended accident and sickness insurance can provide protection in these situations. The theft of expensive tools and equipment can also be a problem, with business and property insurance packages often dealing with the loss, damage, or theft of professional items. Last but certainly not least, public liability is typically recommended so cladding companies can protect themselves in the case of harm to third-party persons or property.

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Benefits of cladding insurance

Dedicated insurance provides a number of benefits over individual insurance products. Not only is it more comprehensive than generic business and property insurance, but cladding insurance is also more flexible, more efficient, and easier to manage. Why risk under-insurance, coverage gaps, or missed payments when you can take out a reliable and robust contractor package? Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we know what it takes to provide your cladding business with the protection it deserves.

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