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We compare and find the best Basement & Loft Conversion Insurance deals for our clients. By comparing our wide panel of leading insurers, we ensure you get the best policy, for the best price. Call us today or click to get a Home Conversion Insurance quote!

What is basement and loft conversion insurance?

Loft conversion insurance is a form of contractors insurance that specifically deals with the risk factors faced by people who do loft and basement conversions. Unlike a standard business insurance package, home conversion insurance can be tailored to meet the needs of specific businesses. Common coverage options include tools and equipment insurance, public liability, workers compensation, employers’ liability, vehicle insurance, and loss of business income. Along with different types of coverage, businesses also need extensions and exclusions related to their professional needs.

If you’re involved in loft or basement conversions on a professional basis, you should speak with an insurance expert and get the coverage that your business demands. While public liability forms the basis of most insurance products for contractors, comprehensive business insurance should also include provisions that protect your business assets and income. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we can combine multiple protections in a single policy structure and provide you with advice and support that leaves nothing to chance.

Who needs home and loft conversion insurance?

Home conversion insurance is advised for anyone who is providing basement or loft conversions on a commercial basis. This type of insurance is a form of contractors insurance, which means it can be tailored to meet the needs of specific industry sectors. While loft conversion insurance is similar in many ways to building insurance or renovation insurance, additional risk factors may need to be addressed.

For example, loft conversions may involve the removal and disposal of asbestos, a highly dangerous material that is capable of causing harm and even death. Removing asbestos for a living is a high risk trade, with dedicated insurance coverage being necessary from the outset.

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Benefits of basement and loft conversion insurance

Dedicated loft conversion insurance provides a number of benefits over standard business insurance, including greater flexibility, more coverage options, and easier to manage premiums. For example, people involved in loft and basement conversions normally require public liability protection, a form of insurance that protects third party persons and their property in the case of harm.

Conversion professionals are always working on property owned by someone else, so it’s critical to be protected against loss, damage, or injury. The mobile nature of building and renovation businesses also demands additional protection for tools, equipment, and vehicles at all stages of operation. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we can combine coverage options and give your renovation business the protection it deserves.

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