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If you work in Scaffolding and Roofing, you will understand it can be a dangerous occupation. The HSE’s recent report identified falls from height as the leading cause of fatal worker accidents in 2021/2022. Getting the correct Scaffolding Insurance for your business is vital! The risks are high, so why gamble on your insurance coverage?

Why do I need Scaffolding Insurance?

With high heights being worked at, staff that you are responsible for, and the potential risk to the public it’s important to have Scaffolding and Roofing Insurance in place. Even when following all necessary steps and procedures, things can go wrong. The risks don’t stop when you’ve erected the scaffold and gone home at night. If that scaffolding fails or a piece falls on an innocent member of the public you may be liable for the damage or injuries caused by it. Work that you subcontract out with even less control over can still lead to you being liable should anything go wrong.

What does Scaffolding Insurance cover?

Scaffolding Insurance can cover a wide range, from your Public and Employers’ Liability to your Tools, Plant, and Contract Works Cover. It is not uncommon for scaffolders working with councils to have a higher requirement for their Public Liability Cover. Most standard Public Liability comes in 1, 2, or 5 million. However, many firms are required to increase insurance cover up to 10 million. It is also important to note that Employers’ Liability can be a legal requirement.

What is not covered under Scaffolding Insurance?

As with all policies, there will be limitations of cover. These will vary from policy to policy, it is important to read your specific documents to check this. If you do face any uncertainty, a call to your broker should be able to clear things up. Nobody likes waiting in a queue to clarify their cover, at 1st Choice Insurance we’re proud to boast we answer all calls in under a minute on average. Some general exclusions may include theft only being covered where forced entry has occurred and the crime has been reported. Public Liability will not cover you for Employers Liability and vice versa. If you have Tools included, commonly these are only covered for theft when kept concealed in a locked van.

What insurance do I need for Scaffolding and Roofing?

Your personal requirements will vary depending on your needs as a business. As a bare minimum, we would advise covering your Public and Employer Liabilities. It is important to cover your employees, as well as any subcontractors or labour-only workers. You could look to insure any ongoing contracts you take on under a section of cover called contract works. There are many other sections you can explore, including:

  • Personal accident
  • Directors and Officer’s liability
  • Owned or Hired In Plant
  • Tools and Business Equipment.

As a broker with over 10 years in business, we’re happy to advise on all areas of cover available to you, and what this means for your business.

Do Scaffolders and Roofers Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

To answer that, first, we need to understand what Professional Indemnity Covers you for. In a nutshell, Professional Indemnity provides you with insurance for any advice, design, specifications, or instructions you issue during your course of business.

If through the course of your work, you do carry out the above, it is strongly recommended to include Professional Indemnity cover. It can prove invaluable should a claim give rise.

Who is liable for Scaffolding?

This can vary depending on when, what, and how exactly something goes wrong. However generally the responsibility of ensuring the scaffolding itself is safe remains with the scaffolding company. Should you find yourself in a legal situation where the safety of the scaffolding is up for dispute, correct Scaffolding Insurance can become invaluable. It can aid with the high cost of court and solicitor fees.

Can I purchase general business insurance to cover myself?

With the complexities and variations within Scaffolding and Roofing, a one size fits all package really won’t work for every business equally. Therefore, It is important to speak with a broker who gets to know your business and serves you a policy that truly works for you in the unfortunate event that a claim does arise. As an example, some policies may look great on the face of it but may impose height limits that as a Scaffolder or Roofer, you’ll easily exceed.

Purchasing a policy without having a thorough conversation about the ins and outs of your business can be likened to that of buying a car. On the face of it, it might be the latest model, it may even come with some luxuries at a low cost. But if you sign on the dotted line and part with your cash only to find out the engine is an added extra the first time you come to drive it, we’re sure you’d think twice the next time you look to buy another.

At 1st Choice Insurance, we can compare over 100 insurers so you can be confident we’ll find you the best package to suit your business. Speak to one of our friendly experts today on 01743 770 500 or fill in our get a quote form and we’ll get back to you.

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Benefits of roofing insurance and scaffolders insurance

Products like roofing insurance and scaffolding insurance offer a number of benefits over standard business insurance. Because these policies are tailor-made to meet the needs of particular trades, the overall risk is minimised and coverage gaps are less likely.

Dedicated insurance for scaffolders is also more flexible than standard contracts, with individual protections able to be taken in and out according to changing circumstances. Last but not least, roofing contractors insurance and similar products are much easier to manage because they involve a single premium.

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Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we have the expertise and experience needed to create the roofing insurance that your business deserves. Contact our business insurance experts today and find the right roofing insurance and scaffolding insurance for your businesses’ needs. Fill in our Get a Quote form and we’ll get back to you with a tailored, no-obligation scaffolders insurance quote, or give us a call on 01743 770 500 to talk to us today.

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