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Compare Your Window Cleaners Insurance

We compare and find the best suited Window Cleaners Insurance policies for our clients. By comparing our wide panel of leading insurers, we ensure you get the best policy for your needs, for a competitive rate. Call us today or click to get insurance for window cleaners. Get a competitive window cleaners insurance policy today!

What is window cleaners insurance?

Window cleaners insurance is a form of contractors insurance designed to protect professional window cleaners and their business. While there can be significant differences between products, most insurance for window cleaners combines public liability with general and extended business insurance coverage.

Along with public liability, this form of contractors insurance is also likely to include tools and equipment cover, loss of business income insurance, accidents and sickness cover and many other options. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we can combine insurance options and create a tailored product that suits your unique business needs.

Who needs this insurance?

Window cleaners insurance is the recommended insurance solution for anyone offering window cleaning and related cleaning services on a professional basis. Whether you’re a sole trader, a small business with two or three staff, or a large commercial operation, it’s important to ensure that you’re protected against all eventualities. Window cleaners face a number of risks during their daily working life, each of which needs to be identified and covered by their insurance policy.

Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we can offer sound advice and suggest coverage options to protect your business assets, income, and reputation. For example, professional cleaners often have to work with dangerous and toxic cleaning products, with an additional accident and sickness insurance often required. This needs to be reflected in your cleaners insurance policy.

Extended public liability may also be needed as this form of insurance is designed to protect cleaners against claims from harm to other people and their property. For example, if someone slips on items you’ve moved in order to access a window, or you accidentally damage a client’s property, you could be liable. Many window cleaners also have to work in dangerous conditions, especially those who clean high-rise windows or use tall ladders to access multiple story apartments. Window cleaners insurance is the best way to protect yourself, and your business.

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Benefits of window cleaners insurance

Dedicated window cleaners insurance and other specialised contractors packages offer numerous advantages over common business insurance. While you can always attempt to cover yourself by taking out multiple individual contracts, this way of working is inefficient, dangerous, and highly risky. Not only are you likely to leave significant gaps in your coverage, you’re also likely to leave yourself under-insured or over-insured, or simply may miss payments altogether because you have multiple policies.

Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we combine multiple forms of coverage in a single cleaners insurance package that is both comprehensive and easy to understand. If you’re looking for specialised insurance for window cleaners or any type of contractors’ insurance, we’ve got your business covered.

Get window cleaners insurance quotes

Working with some of the biggest contractors insurance companies in the insurance industry, we have access to a wide range of policies and can offer quick quotations with competitive prices. Call our friendly, experienced team on 01743 770 500  for a no-obligation Insurance quotation or use our Get a Quote Form.