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Finding driving instructor insurance with great coverage can be quite the headache, our team can use their expert knowledge of the car insurance for driving instructor market to make sure you get the protection you need for your instructor vehicle at the right price. With experience in finding our clients the top insurance for driving school policies, we can recommend the ideal protection for the needs of your car and your business.

We’re Driving Instructor Insurance Experts

Whether you are an ADI or PDI instructor, our specialist driving instructor insurance team is here to help. We can arrange a driving instructors car insurance policy to suit you, and we offer a range of great features specifically aimed at driving instructors.

Our award-winning team will be able to advise you on the best possible cover options that are available to you, from the well-known brands to the specialist insurance for driving school providers. As with all insurance policies, it is important to carefully check your driving instructors car insurance policy wording to check that it is suitable for all your requirements.

What does Driving Instructor Insurance cover?

Driving instructors car insurance cover is usually more expensive than standard private motor insurance because a driving instructor requires a number of additional covers not included as standard a part of a private motor policy. These can include cover for the following…

  • Any driver cover – It is essential for your policy to be issued on an any driver basis; this allows you to teach any licensed driver on the road irrespective of previous driving experience or other risk factors. This also allows an examiner to drive if and when required.
  • Replacement dual control vehicle cover – Most standard car insurance products will only offer you a non-dual controlled car in the event of a non-fault incident meaning you’re unable to continue working with the same level of safety. With this cover you get the correct replacement vehicle suitable for your needs.
  • Public liability insurance – is particularly important as it can cover you if someone sues you for injury or damage. Like if a student were injured while getting out of your car, or if a member of the public were hit by your car whilst a student was driving, your public liability could pay the legal fees and compensation costs if a claim was made.
  • Professional indemnity insurance – sometimes known as negligent tuition cover, this covers you if a client sues you for negligence or for making a mistake in your work. So, if you taught a student the wrong things and they failed their driving test as a result, they could make a compensation claim against you and your driving instructor insurance with professional indemnity cover would protect you.

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Why do I need Driving Instructors Car Insurance over standard car insurance?

Well first and foremost, your driving instructor car isn’t a standard car. Any and all modifications from the vehicle’s factory issued standard must be declared to your car insurers, otherwise you risk invalidating your cover. Any alterations made to a car that changes its appearance or performance are classed as ‘modification’, as a driving instructor you will have a number of special adaptations and additional features included on your vehicle, such as dual controls, an additional speedometer and mirrors, vinyl wrapping or sign writing to advertise your business, and possibly disabled driving equipment. Most standard car insurance policies will class these as modifications and will therefore not be able to provide cover. It is important to mention these to your insurance provider, so that they then can note these on your policy and provide cover suitable for your needs.

Making sure your car has the correct driving instructor insurance could be the difference between a pay-out, or huge loss. Don’t be put off though, as often rates are lower than people might think, and many policies don’t include cosmetic modifications like sign writing when calculating premium. If you’re unhappy with the price you pay for your current car insurance for driving instructor, get a quote from us today!

Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance for Driving Instructor

Comprehensive is the best level of insurance for driving school and the most complete coverage you can find. We usually recommend this level of protection for all driving instructor vehicles, as more often than not your specially adapted dual control car is also high value. It also includes third party, fire & theft and will normally include the cost of repairing or replacing your dual control instructor car if it’s damaged maliciously or if you’re involved in an accident. Driving instructors car insurance providers often include other benefits in their comprehensive policies, such as windscreen cover, breakdown, extended coverage for driving abroad, and even a courtesy car if your vehicle is in for repairs.

Get driving instructor business insurance, too!

We can offer great value insurance for your driving instructor business too. We understand that your business helps get people on the road and how important that is for you and your students! The last thing you need is complaints from an unhappy learner, which could ruin your reputation and leave you out of pocket. Our driving instructor insurance will give you 100% confidence to run your business and safeguard your vehicle without the fear of being left unprotected.

Get Cheap Driving Instructor Insurance Quotes

Whatever your requirements for your business and car insurance for driving instructor, 1st Choice offers excellent customer service and is here to help. We’ll ask you some quick questions about your driving school business and the level of protection you require, then we’ll assess the cover options available and advise you which insurance driving instructor cover could be most suitable. We will also explain any optional or extra costs to you, to ensure you have the full facts before taking out the policy. We offer quick quotations, competitive pricing, instant coverage, and all your car insurance driving instructor documentation straight into your inbox.

Our team believes that everyone deserves great cheap driving instructors car insurance policies, which is why we always try to offer great value for money with incredible savings, in fact over 95% of our clients rate us ‘Excellent’ on There is no wonder clients return to us for their commercial insurance year after year!

Let us take care of searching the panel of insurers for you to find your perfect insurance for driving school quote and save you time, hassle, and money! Call us today on 01743 770 500 for a no obligation insurance driving instructor quotation or complete our Get a Quote Form to request a call back from a member of our team.

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