We Are Building A Winning Team!

Many years ago Mercury Communications pioneered a company training program entitled Imagine. The key objective was to open up peoples minds to perform to their full potential. A “can do” attitude was encouraged. Each person was empowered to raise the bar and say yes to challenges in a fear-free environment: Imagine the future you desire and then make it happen. If there are barriers declare a breakdown and fix them

So, what coaching could facilitate this? What thinking can elevate a person into the area of exploring the world outside their Paradigm.

How can we move beyond our normal learned behaviour?

We know what we know. We know what we don’t know. But what about the opportunities in the world of knowledge that we don’t know we don’t know !!! This is where the power of saying “yes” comes in.

Back to “paradigms”. Imagine coaching encouraged people to look into themselves and to explore what was governing their behaviour. What paradigm were they operating from? A set of internal rules that governs behaviour. Understanding and challenging these rules can lead to saying yes to new challenges and overcoming learned negative behaviour or fears.

So, envisage a set of paradigms (Internal rules) that restrict or govern behaviour…One’s actions might be dictated by the fear of failure; fear of losing one’s reputation; fear of not looking cool; fear of change; fear of public speaking; fear of hard work and much more. This can explain why intelligent, motivated people have their energy drained from achieving their goals because they have learned restricted behaviour or they have internal fears. Coach them through these fears and people begin to flourish and perform. What they say is then what they mean, and their actions reflect this. Honest and open behaviour and the bar is raised.

A personal example is I would invent excuses not to present to groups of people. This was limiting my sales performance as I was avoiding sales opportunities that involved presenting to groups of clients. I didn’t want people to see me looking nervous, or losing my voice or shaking!cyber insurance coverage

Coaching helped me realise that actually, I was fearing the feeling of fear! Actually, I was good at speaking to groups. I was limiting my own behaviour. I started to say yes to speaking opportunities. I performed outside my box, outside my comfort zone and overcame my fear. Positive, not negative action.

I emerged from my emotional sludge. Whatever one invests one’s energy in grows stronger. So don’t be a junkie to negativity. Invest in positivity.

I am looking to help our team at 1st Choice raise the bar. I am encouraging each person to feel empowered and to perform to their very best ability. Go for it. No fear. Enjoy being part of a fantastic team with fantastic opportunities. Work is truly satisfying if each day is challenging and rewarding.

Mercury did achieve a paradigm shift in certain areas of the company. A lot of people really benefited from Imagine. However, out of the box thinking needs to be accompanied by good financial governance. I think if they had got this right as well the program would have been truly successful.

Great news at 1st Choice is we have excellent financial governance. For the last 6 years, we have grown based on solid building blocks. We also have excellent regulation and compliance frameworks. Within this environment, we have a fantastic opportunity to grow with confidence and to ensure the 1st Choice Team is the very best it can be.

Imagine the future you want and make it happen.

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Ken Baker, Training and Business Development Director