Tree Surgeon Insurance – What is it & Why Do I Need it?

What is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon is reliable for the maintenance and well-being of trees to keep them healthy. Tree surgery is a specialised job that requires indication of the right skills, knowledge and experience, as it often involves working at heights and operating heavy machinery.

It not only involves pruning existing trees to keep them healthy, the job entails various tasks, for example:

  • Tree Removal – Carefully removing trees that are damaged or have died, or create a risk to property or safety.
  • Tree Health Assessment – Looking at tree health, diagnosing any diseases the tree may have, and advising treatments to restore and preserve tree vitality.
  • Tree Planting – Choosing and planting suitable tree varieties in specific locations to improve landscaping and enhance environmental benefits.
  • Emergency Response – Actively responding to storm damage or any other dangers to remove hazardous trees and make areas safe again.

What is Tree Surgery Insurance?

There are always risks attached when maintaining and caring for trees, however tree surgery insurance could provide you with the security your business requires against the worst case circumstances associated with the job.

Tree surgeon insurance comes in a variety of packages where you can choose the right level of cover you need. The most common cover is public liability insurance, which is not a legal requirement however extremely vital for your business. If you have employees, you will need employers’ liability insurance which is a legal requirement. Failure to acquire it when required is a criminal offence with a fine up to £2500 per day if the law is breached. Other policies may also include tools and equipment cover to protect your valuables, professional indemnity insurance, and specialist commercial vehicle insurance.

Why do I need Tree Surgeon Insurance?

As a tree surgeon, it’s crucial to have an insurance policy in place to protect you if an accident was to occur, causing injury to a third party or their property. The dangers that come with tree surgery work and potential financial consequences if you weren’t adequately covered, means your risk management strategy should always be a priority for your business.

Tree surgeon insurance is very important for a lot of reasons, and you can tailor your policy to suit the needs of your business. Policies could protect against:

  • Accidents or illness-related claims from employees as a result of their work.
  • Machinery faults which are affecting your day-to-day job, or any equipment that has been stolen, damaged, or broken.
  • Claims made against you by a member of the public relating to personal injury or damage to property.
  • Loss of income through unfortunate circumstances that force you to stop working.

When these factors pose a potential threat to your business, it’s critical you take the correct steps to ensure your business is protected. It’s also worth remembering if your business is looking for work, having adequate insurance gives clients that confidence and peace of mind that you are covered in the event of any unforeseen incidents.

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