Understanding Security Company Insurance

understanding security insurance

What is Security company insurance?

Security company insurance, also known as security business insurance, is becoming a much more prominent and needed insurance policy these days. The security industry is one of the most high-risk occupations in business, growing in importance in an ever ‘less secure’ world. 1st Choice Insurance has access to the best security company insurance markets, allowing us to find the cover you need. No matter the size, location or typical clientele of your business, we will compare and find you the best protection.

What’s included in Security firm insurance?

Security business insurance can include a wide package of insurance covers to protect the risks of being within the security industry. Typical covers include;

We also recommend that security businesses also strongly consider inefficacy insurance. This cover will protect your employees against claims of failing to perform. It is almost unique to the security industry. Arguments can easily arise where, after an altercation without CCTV evidence, a member of the public claim a member of your security team have acted outside of their duties. This cover is essential to protect your business, your staff and give you complete peace of mind, it should not be overlooked.

Get a Security Business Insurance quote

We compare over 80+ insurance companies to find our clients the very best security company insurance online. Unlike most business insurance brokers, we have a great working relationship with our panel members, which allows us to access some of the very best cheap business insurance policies online. Call 01743 770500 or ask for a quote, HERE.