What does an insurance broker do?

It’s a fair enough question, and certainly not one we take offence with. Most people take out an insurance policy and just assume that the insurance company – the household brands of this world – are the company who organise and administrate all aspects of their cover. In fact, that’s exactly what a broker does.

So, when people ask, ‘what does an insurance broker do?’, it’s exactly that. We listen to your needs, compare the market and find you the best value cover for your needs. We will also support you with great customer service.

What does an insurance broker do, in 3 simple steps?

Step 1: we understand your needs

The main job of an insurance broker is to understand your needs. To do this we will ask you a series of questions to understand who you are, what you do, what your business does and what your ambitions are. This allows us to get an understanding of the type of policy you need, and level of protection you will require. This level of attention is the benefit of using an insurance broker.

Step 2: we compare multiple policies

Unlike going directly to an insurance company or another form of intermediary, an insurance broker has access to multiple insurance companies and policies. At 1st Choice Insurance, we compare over 40 policies and give you the choice between levels of cover and price points. We will always recommend the best value cover for your needs, but it’s also great to get advice on all your options.

Step 3: we offer advice and support

Possibly the most value an insurance broker can add is the service. Once you become a customer, we are here when you need us to help you. We are just a call away. Whether you have new insurance needs, need to make a change or make a claim, we will offer you 24/7 impartial advice. At 1st Choice Insurance we have over 125 years of combined experience – so really are insurance experts!

What does an insurance broker do, solved!

Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding of what does an insurance broker do. The list could go on because, but these three steps are a great overview. If you feel like your insurance is uncompetitive, or you are unhappy with the level of service from your current provider, talk to 1st Choice Insurance. We have been rated 93% excellent on Reviews.co.uk! Simply click below to get a quote or arrange a call with one of our helpful experts.

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