What is a Company Fleet Policy?

A company fleet policy helps ensure consistency, safety, and efficient use of company vehicles while protecting the organisation’s assets and minimising the risks associated with fleet operations.

Company fleet cover works just like regular vehicle insurance, except it covers multiple vehicles at once and all under one policy. It allows you to insure your drivers as well as the vehicles themselves. For example, if you have a certain driver who is going to be using multiple vehicles, then this policy will make sure they’re covered no matter what vehicle the driver is in.

What types of vehicles can I insure?

The types of vehicles usually covered when operating a business with a fleet of vehicles are:

• Cars
• Commercial van
• Courier
• Bus & Coach

Who needs Company Fleet Insurance?

If you have two or more vehicles and operate a business, then purchasing commercial fleet insurance should be considered. Some businesses that often use this type of insurance are:

• Courier/Haulage companies
• Building & Construction companies
• Taxi companies
• Delivery services

What does Company Fleet Insurance cover?

Depending on your individual circumstances and the cover levels chosen, this type of policy may provide protection for:

• Loss or damage to your vehicles
• Fire and Theft of your vehicles
• Legal costs and fees
• Damage to the glass or windscreens
• Replacement locks should your keys be stolen

What are the benefits of Company Fleet Insurance?

Value: When you combine your insurance for each vehicle into one policy, you can potentially achieve more value from your product in the long run.

Time: If you are working with separate policies, it’s needless to explain how the additional steps to handling multiple policies build up. By having all of your insurance policies in one place, you can save so much time, meaning more focus shifts towards the success of your business.

Less hassle: You don’t have to spend countless hours renewing or updating paperwork for several policies, and as fleet insurance allows you to keep all your vehicles insured through one policy, you’ll know exactly who to contact if one of your vehicles was to be involved in an accident.

Any driver options: If your company has a high turnover of staff, any driver insurance helps you avoid the trouble of establishing who is and who isn’t insured on each vehicle. As long as your drivers meet the requirements of the policy, they will be able to drive most insured vehicles.

How much does Fleet Insurance cost?

The cost of fleet insurance depends on a number of things that are unique to your business. These include:

• How many vehicles are in your fleet
• The size and age of the fleet
• The types of vehicles that you will be insuring
• The number of claims you have made (if any)
• Your drivers and their history of claims or points on their licence

Safety is a crucial aspect of fleet policies. It may include requirements for defensive driving, seatbelt usage, prohibited activities (like texting while driving), and adherence to traffic laws. It may also address driver training, including defensive driving courses and guidelines for handling accidents or emergencies.

Normally, fleet policies will require employers to keep and maintain accurate records, recording things like mileage, expenses, and any maintenance or repairs performed on the vehicles. It may also define the process for reporting accidents, damages, or any other incidents.

At 1st Choice Insurance, we can offer a company fleet policy best suited to your business, plus to give peace of mind that your drivers are up to the standard, we can also offer driver training through our dedicated Fleet Services Department.

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