What Is Specialist Vehicle Insurance & Do You Need It?

If you drive a specially manufactured or converted vehicle, our specialist vehicle cover means we can make sure you have the right insurance for your needs.

What is specialist vehicle insurance?
Specialist vehicle insurance provides protection for all non-standard vehicle types. These can be large industrial vehicles such as combine harvesters and tractors, right through to commercial vehicles such as road sweepers, refuse trucks, and road rollers. Specialist vehicle insurance can also provide protection for modified vehicles, including modified vans and imported or performance-enhanced commercial vehicles.

Why do I need specialist vehicle insurance?
There are several reasons why you may need specialist vehicle insurance. Firstly, standard insurance policies may not provide adequate coverage for specialised vehicles. These vehicles often have higher values than standard cars and may require more extensive repairs or replacement parts. Specialist vehicle insurance policies are designed to address these unique needs, offering higher coverage limits and tailored coverage options.

Second, specialist vehicle insurance can provide additional benefits that are not typically included in standard insurance policies. For example, some policies may include cover for spare parts or accessories, as well as cover for towing and storage if your vehicle is damaged and needs to be repaired.

Third, owning a specialised vehicle often requires a higher level of expertise and care than owning a standard vehicle. At 1st Choice Insurance, we have a highly skilled team who have experience in insuring these types of vehicles and we can offer you valuable advice and support.

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Overall, if you own a specialised vehicle, it is important to consider specialist vehicle insurance as a means of protecting your vehicle and ensuring that you are adequately covered in the event of an accident or other unexpected event. With the right cover in place, you can enjoy the unique benefits of owning a specialised vehicle with confidence and peace of mind.

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