Where does energy come from?

I ask this because I find energy when I am achieving something that I want to do. If I am reading a great book, I can literally stay up into the early hours to read it all. Yet if I have no task at hand, I can’t keep my eyes open come my normal sleep time. Things that interest me generate energy within me to focus and get stuff done.

Also, I will not hesitate to launch into action mode if something has to done or I am in Fight-or-flight mode.

What interests me is the reserve of energy that is available to me that I can tap into when needed. I almost fill up my energy tank in the morning to match my “to do” list. Not good if my to do list is a relatively quiet one. What I should do is fill the tank up to its maximum capacity to achieve more in the day!! And then I will still have the reserve tank to overachieve if something really motivates me to complete.

Control Your Internal Resources

So, the way forward is to take control of my internal resources. Also, to be aware that my team members have their own untapped energy. Perhaps, governed by their individual paradigms. Are they in acceleration mode or are their brekes on? Where is the energy going? Is it leaking into pools of emotional, procrastinating sludge? Pools of indecision, fear and sloth type slothness!! Negativity and energy invested in maintaining the self- fulfilling vision that “it can’t be done “….

So, back to achieving positive goals- When one has calmed the storm of desire and achieved a state of balance. Feels great. The pleasure of satisfying hunger after a great meal. The pleasure of achieving personal and work goals. Reduced stress and an exciting, clear horizon. Bliss!

When salespeople focus outwards rather than inwards, they can become evangelists. Overcoming their call reluctance by understanding the value they are offering to prospects. When I know I can add real value, I can’t wait to get my message across. I feel a responsibility to reach out to make things happen. My energy levels are activated.

Invest Your Energy In The Right Places

In my 20’s I used to do a lot of running. I was never very good. However, I was competitive. I remember doing “Michelin 10”. After 9 miles I really did feel like it was the end of my World. I couldn’t take another step. However, a fellow runner came beside me and said, “I feel as bad as you chap, but come on, lets do this together”. We ended up sprinting the last 100m and the joy of finishing in style was so, so good.  I want to help my team members go the extra mile and feel great about achieving our goals at 1st Choice. Be beside them when needed. Coach performance and tap into the fantastic energy reserves that we have.

I genuinely feel like the future journey is such a positive on, fuelled by great energy. What you invest your energy in grows stronger.