Why Compare Your Courier Insurance Quote

This guide will simply break down what courier insurance is, why you might need it and stress the importance of always comparing your quotes. Once finished we are confident that you will understand why comparing your courier insurance quote is the best option going forward for your delivery business.

What is courier insurance?

Courier insurance is specifically for those who drive delivery vans or cars for hire and reward, making multiple deliveries in a single area. It covers the cost of the vehicle you are driving if it gets damaged or stolen or if you cause damage to a third party. Third party cover is the minimum you would need to be able to deal with the public safely whilst delivering goods.

As a courier dealing with members of the public every day there is always a risk that you could accidentally injure someone or damage their property and if this happens a claim could be made against you, so opting for additional public liability insurance could be advisable.

You may also require other add ons like goods in transit insurance, which is used to cover the value of the goods you’re transporting should they be lost, damaged or stolen, whilst in your care.

Why you should compare your courier insurance quote

Courier drivers spend their hours out on busy roads, trying to meet tight delivery deadlines and regularly travelling long distances to unfamiliar locations. From an insurance providers perspective, you present a higher risk than someone driving their vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure (SDP) purposes and unfortunately this is reflected in the cost of your premiums.

Apart from the obvious areas you can keep those rates down; like a clean driver’s licence, choosing a vehicle in lower insurance group (yes, some insurers still consider those) or only transporting low risk goods, what is the best way to get a cheaper courier insurance quote? By comparing the available providers and their policies of course.

Where to compare your courier insurance quote

With any type of insurance, it’s important to browse the market to ensure that you are getting the most suitable policy for your requirements at the best possible price. This can be a very long-winded task, not to mention confusing with all the potential add ons you might need for appropriate cover and complicated jargon to read through. By using an insurance broker, you can rest easy knowing it is their job to advise you on the best policy to go for and which provider to use for the best price.

1st Choice Insurance are an independent brokerage, which means that we are not tied to any specific providers or corporations, so you can trust that our advice is unbiased. Give us a call on 01743 770 500 and speak to a friendly and knowledgeable member of the team. Let us save you time, hassle and money on your courier insurance quote.