This blog will outline why we believe commercial and residential landlords should include property damage insurance to their policy.

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Let’s be perfectly honest, properties are a great investment. Sure, values increase and decrease, but as a landlord, your properties are your financial assets. They secure your future. However, just like with everything else in life, a car, a bike or a boat, their values are a risk. Something could happen that wipes £1,000’s of their value. That’s where property damage insurance helps, in fact, it’s probably one of the best value insurance coverages you can get!

Property damage insurance definition

Property damage insurance, also known as property damage liability insurance, is a public liability insurance policy that is specifically designed to protect properties from accidental damage. This could cover a wide range of accidental damage from wine spilt on a carpet to damage caused that rips a family sofa.

Here are a few simple scenarios where property damage insurance would protect you;

  • You have some family over who then spill a drink that stains your brand-new cream carpet. The insurance would help replace the carpet or pay for the carpet to be professionally cleaned.
  • You invite some friends over for the night, and one of them has few drinks and falls into a wall and goes right through it. This cover would help cover the cost of your losses.
  • A tenant damages some of your furniture or fixings during at a family event. This policy would help cover the cost of the damages incurred.

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As damage insurance typically falls under a public liability insurance policy, it’s unlikely you will find it online as its own policy. The best things to do is talk to one of our friendly and experts’ advisers or, get a quote HERE.

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